Sneak Peek: Sanchi's insulting performance for Anandi

 December 3rd, 2012

  • We all know how much Shiv's sister, Sanchi, hates Anandi but we didn't know she will go to such an extent to prove this! While the whole family is enjoying the Sangeet celebrations, Sanchi does a performance for Shiv-Anandi enacting how Anandi snatched away her brother. She showed all the sweet memories of Shiv-Anandi but in a derogatory manner leaving Anandi shame faced. Here's when they met for the first time

  • Sanchi here is trying to say that when Anandi saw Shiv for the first time, she immediately thought of him as her next husband!

  • So according to Sanchi, when Anandi saw Shiv she went and pleaded her Dadisa for Shiv and insisted on talking to him.

  • Remember when Anandi took lunch for Shiv in his office? Well, Sanchi enacted the same scene but here the context seemed different.

  • Thsi was also the time when Anandi gave a head massage to Shiv but definitely with good intentions and now like hopw Sanchi tries to portray here! Outrageous!

  • Aah, the first time Shiv helped our damsel in distress Anandi when she fell in rains and Sanchi here is totally spoiling it for us!

  • This was when Shiv put payal on Anandi and proposed to her. This was supposed to be our favorite moment!

  • And finally when our favorite jodi got engaged. After such a demeaning act, we are sure Anandi must be heartbroken. You can see the full performance right here!

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