Sneak peek- Mohan and Megha's family-moon

 August 16th, 2012

  • The new Bhatnagar family has all but settled in their new lives. But with two kids around, the new couple is not going to get privacy any time soon. So they're off to their honeymoon. Take a sneak peek into what their honeymoon might look like.

  • Nanhi, always the one to take initiative, lets us in on a secret. A secret that even Megha and Mohan don't know. And that is, that her mom and Spiderman are going on a honeymoon! Finally! Is all we have to say.

  • Megha and Mohan are off to a snowy place with each other. Megha looks lovingly towards her husband. Aaah! Finally some privacy.

  • But no, they can't seem to catch a lone moment alone. They are joined on this honeymoon by their two adorable kids, Addu and Nanhi. And the beautiful place where they'll go for their honeymoon is Nepal! Nanhi sure looks happy to be out and about with her mom and Spiderman.

  • Inspite of this cute invasion of privacy, Mohan and Megha look on lovingly at their children. We're sure they will find a way to have fun on this family-moon. Do we see Addu turning back and saying something to Mohan?

  • Now we're sure Addu said something that Mohan couldn't handle. What other explanation could there be of Mohan's expression? But Megha shrugs helplessly at his condition. Don't worry, it'll get better for sure, Mohan.

  • So we're hoping that the Nepal honeymoon, or the familymoon (what with the kids around) will be a great one for Mohan and Megha. The scenic mountains and beauty of Nepal is bound to bring out the romantics in the new couple. We wish them a great familymoon!

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