Small screen stars in 2012: Madhubala

 December 28th, 2012

  • Set in the backdrop of Bollywood, Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is a passionate love story of Superstar RK and Madhubala who when first met hated each other. But seems like they were destined to be together! After sharing a tumultous relaionship, these two are now madly in love with each other!. Let's have a look at some of the best moments of this epic saga.

  • In the beginning of the show we saw Padmini running away from her husband Balraj Chaudhary. Coming from the interiors of Bihar, Balraj was an uncouth ruler who pressured his second wife Padmini to give birth to a baby boy. When he came to know that she's been carrying a baby girl he planned to kill his pregnant wife and his daughter Trishna, whom he had with his first wife.  When Padmini reached Mumbai she found herself on a film set and that’s where she met Shamsher and Roma. The siblings save her from Balraj and give her shelter at their home. Watch how Shamsher and Roma gave a new life to Padmini.

  • While working on a film set, Padmini goes through labor and gives birth to a baby girl on the set. Veteran actor, A.K. Hangal makes a special appearance and does the naamkaran ceremony and names the baby – Madhubala. Watch A.K. Hangal’s last performance on camera right here!

  • The show takes a leap and we see Padmini settled with an older Trishna and Madhu in Shamsher’s house. Even though both Shamsher and Padmini have feelings for each other they don’t get married. Watch as an older Madhubala makes an entry in the show.

  • Madhu has always been a simple girl with no dreams of joining the glamour world and worked in a small beauty parlour. There she met Mukund with whom she first fights over fake beauty products. But later when she comes to know that Mukund wasn't responsible for selling those fake products, she goes to apologise and sees him getting hit by a car. Later it is revealed that the driver was none other than Superstar RK! Watch as Mukund meets with an accident.

  • Madhu files a case against RK and even after his assistant Bittuji tries to bribe Mukund’s parents, she doesn’t take the case back and RK ends up going to jail for 4 days. Watch this sequence in this video.

  • In jail, RK decides to take revenge from Madhu and once he’s outside, he comes to know that Madhu is getting engaged to Mukund and ropes in Mukund’s mother to help him destroy her life. RK traps Madhu on the set so she isn’t able to reach her own engagement but Madhu manages to get out. RK follows her and makes a grand entry in her engagement causing much drama. Watch as RK tries to break Madhu’s engagement.

  • Next day, a picture of RK and Madhu getting intimate gets printed across newspapers, tainting Madhu’s image.RK even keeps a press conference where he confesses that he is in love with Madhu. This news breaks Madhu and Mukund’s relationship. Watch as RK puts an end to the Madhu-Mukund story.

  • This news enrages Shamsher and he goes to fight with RK but gets beaten up by his bodyguards. He ends up in the hospital with severe damages and Madhu is forced to ask RK for help. He gets ready to help but on a condition that Madhu gets married to him. But this marriage would only be only of four pheras so she can never completely be his wife. With no options left, Madhu agrees and eventually RK and Madhu tie the knot. Watch RK-Madhu’s chaar phere wedding in this video.

  • After marriage RK starts treating Madhu as his spot girl and makes her do all his work on sets. This sequence also brought in the entry of RK’s mother, Radhaji and his step father and half brother, Kukkuji and Sikki respectively. Madhu finds out that RK has many problems within his family and slowly starts empathizing with him.

  • Padmini tries to argue with RK over his treatment with Madhu. He insults her in front of the entire chawl and this angers Madhu and she decides to take revenge from RK. With the help of Kukkuji, she finds some childhood pictures of RK and threatens to leak them to the media if he doesn’t apologize to her mother. RK, who has emotional connection with the pictures, bows down and says sorry to Padmini. But the next day, he finds the pictures on the front page and gets more agitated with Madhu. To insult her, he keeps a party and makes her work like a waitress. Watch the party sequence right here! 

  • RK embarrasses Madhu in the party and she runs away in frustration and hurts herself. RK finds her on sets and takes her back home. Sikki’s wife and RK's ex-flame, Dipali, makes an entry in the show and is jealous to see Madhu with RK. She tries to intimidate Madhu but RK asks her to keep away from his wife. Watch Dipali’s sensational entry right here!

  • Madhu decides to keep Ganpati at home knowing well that RK doesn’t believe in God agitating him all the more. Dipali too tries to ruin Madhu’s efforts but fails miserably. Madhu catches RK talking to Ganpati about being hurt over his father’s suicide. She prays to God that RK is able to move on from his father’s death and starts believing in Him.  Watch RK confront God in this video.

  • RK leaves Madhu and her Ganpati in the chawl and is about to leave when the Visarjan procession starts and RK gets inspired to take part in it. While he and Madhu’s family is doing the Puja, RK gets shot. The family rushes him to the hospital and Madhu gives him blood. In order to pray for him, Madhu walks barefoot to Siddhivinayak. While the doctors give up on RK, Madhu’s prayers bring him back to life.  Watch as Madhu’s prayers save RK’s life.

  •   15. In a later sequence it is revealed that even though Kukkuji had planned to get RK killed, it was Shamsher who attempted the shootout. RK too finds out about this but he forgives Shamsher as he understood his love for his daughter. Madhu finds evidence against Shamsher and is devastated to know the truth. Dipali records her unearthing the gun and shows it to Radhaji, poisoning their minds against Madhu. Radhaji doesn’t allow Madhu to enter the house but RK takes her in and there begins their love story. Watch as RK protects Madhu from his own family.

  • Madhu starts having strong feelings for RK and when she goes on the sets she imagines herself to be his heroine. Watch as she dreams about dancing in RK’s arms.

  • The festival of Karwa chauth comes and Madhu decides to fast for RK. He expresses his displeasure over such rituals, so like a top secret mission Madhu follows all the rules of the fast and waits for RK to show up when the moon comes. Watch how Madhu successfully completed her Karwa Chauth fast!

  • Dipali mixes Kimam in Madhu’s sargi due to which she falls ill. RK finds out the culprit, making Radhaji realize her folly in not believing Madhu. RK takes care of Madhu in her illness and takes her to the sets to redo all the Karwa Chauth rituals. In a very romantic sequence, we see RK and Madhu do a close dance and almost confess their love! Watch RK and Madhu’s intimate moment in this video.

  • Dipali once again tries to instigate RK against Madhu and states that Madhu is only in love with his stardom and money. She challenges to prove his love by leaving everything behind and starting over with Madhu. RK then takes Madhu to his farm house and confesses his love! He asks her to leave everything behind and to settle with him. Watch RK express his love in this video.

  • RK finds out that Madhu rejected his proposal only because she wanted to sort problems at her home. So the two make a pact to solve all their family issues and then they would get remarried. Watch as RK proposes to complete their 7 pheras!

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