Shikari Yashraaj's journey to the Finale #SurKshetra

 December 29th, 2012

  • Yashraaj Kapill, who has made it to the SurKshetra finals, is originally from Faridabad, and started learning classical music from the age of 4. He had participated in a few reality shows earlier, and came to SurKshetra with the intention of winning.

  • Yashraaj wowed the selectors in the first episode itself when he sang the title song of Saawariya. The jury found his mischief and masti while singing very promising, and he found a place among the 6 Indian Surandaaz. 

  • In the introductory episode, his outfit made Asha Bhosle remark that he looked like a hunter and his performance of 'Tu Maane Ya Na Maane Dildaara', proved without a doubt that he was a 'Shikaari', and the name stuck. 

  • In the 'Josh Special' episode, Yashraaj sang and danced along to 'Hamma Hamma'. Himesh and Atif disagreed on how perfect his performance was, but Yashraaj still got a perfect score!

  • Yashraaj lived up to his 'Hunter' tag  in the Love Special Episodeand asked Ayesha out for tea as soon as he stepped on the stage. He also sang 'Socha Na Tha' which got lovely comments from the judges. Only Atif said that the feel was missing, but that didn't stop Yashraaj from getting a Perfect 30.Watch his performance here! 

  • Yashraaj used the 'Dedication Special' episode to declare his love for his fiancee Tanu with the song 'Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai'. The jury saw the love with which he sang, and gave him a perfect score!Watch Yashraaj's romantic performance here! 

  • In the Abida vs. Asha episode, Yashraaj paid tribute to Abidaji by singing 'Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi'. Everyone was speechless at this performance, and Runa Laila was moved enough to hug him. Yashraaj was overwhelmed at this love, which earned him a perfect 30!

  • In the Qawwali special episode, Yashraaj proved that he could do justice to even the difficult genre of Qawwali. He sang 'Aaya Tere Dar Par Deewana', ably backed up by his team mates, which got him a lot of praise.

  • Yashraaj Kapill, continued his perfect 30 run when he sang the energetic 'Gulabi Aankhen'. His foot-tapping performance and perfect sur left no room for complaints as the jury raved about his retro style! Watch the Shikaari perform here. 

  • While the rest of the contestants sang high-energy wedding numbers, Yashraaj took another route to the Shaadi Special by singing the mellow 'Baawri Piya'. He got a standing ovation from Ashaji and Runaji, and a proud Himesh went up to the stage and hugged him!

  • This was the highlight of the Nusrat vs.Mohd. Rafi episode. Yashraaj sang 'Tere Bin Rogi Hoye Pyaase Nain'. He got a hug from both Himesh and Ismail, and the judges couldn't stop raving about his perfect performance. Runa Laila raved 'Maar Daala' Watch Yashraaj's awesome performance here! 

  • Another perfect performance, another hug. Yashraaj sang 'Aas Paas Hai Khuda' during the 'Superhit Special', and Himesh ran to hug him even before his performance ended and the jury gave him a standing ovation! Click here to watch! 

  • It was the 'Maa Special' episode, and Yashraaj sang 'Ae Maa Teri Surat'. Yashraaj narrated the story of how his mother sold her earrings for his music lessons, which brought tears to the everyone around. Ismail Darbar asked him to always remember this sacrifice in his life.

  • The Masti episode had Yashraaj go the classical way and sing Ghulam Ali's 'Thodi Si Jo Pee Li Hai' in front of him!. This risk paid off and he got wonderful comments, as well as a perfect 50! Watch Yashraaj's awesome performance here!

  • In the Rahat vs. Sukhwinder episode,Yashraaj again raised the bar with his 'Dil To Baccha Hai Ji', which got a perfect 30. But the best part came at the end of the episode, when the jury unanimously declared him to be the first Indian finalist!

  • Yashraaj, even after becoming a finalist, didn't sit still for very long. He sang 'Love me, Love me' for Ayesha Takia in the 'My Favourite Actor' episode. He also wooed Ayesha Takia, and was fortunate enough to dance with the beautiful host!

  • In the 'Folk Special Episode', Yashraaj being the finalist, was not supposed to compete. But he still helmed a fun performance of 'Mehengayi Dayan' with all the other contestants.

  • In the Rock Special episode, Himesh beckoned him to sing 'Tum Ho To'. And Yashraaj didn't disappoint by giving a full blown rocking performance. But sadly, Ghulam Ali wasn't convinced and Yashraaj's score came to 20. 

  • Yashraaj was asked to perform in the 'Sufi Special episode, without any scoring. That didn't stop him from giving his best to 'Dua Na Koi Hor Mangna'. He didn't get any marks, but the appreciation he got was enough.

  • Singing and AR Rahman song is never an easy task, but Yashraaj made it look easy when he sang 'Ye Haseen Wadiyan'. He wasn't marked on this performance either, but he got a lot of blessings from Asha Bhosle.

  • When Himesh had the choice between Aman and Yashraaj, Himesh chose Yashraaj, who sang 'Ghoonghat Chak Ho'. But sadly, due to his lack of preparation, he got only a 20. Still, his performance ensured that India sailed through! Watch Yashraaj's performance here.

  • In the Variation Challenge, Yashraaj proved once again that he was a true hunter as he sang 'Om Namah Shivay' with Budhaditya. The jury was unanimous in declaring that the performance was perfect and gave him a Perfect 30!  Missed Yashraaj's performance? Watch it here!

  • In the Unplugged Challenge, Yashraaj proved that he didn't need instruments to back him. He sang 'Hume Tumse Pyaar Hai Kitna', which the jury and special guest Mahesh Bhatt loved. Mahesh Bhatt had also heard about his mother;s sacrifice, and asked him never to forget it.

  • Atif wanted to push Yashraaj's limits in the 'Captain's challenge' episode. And Yashraaj rose to the challenge and sang 'Main Hoon Jhumroo'. A satisfied Atif found his performance unbelievable and he got the biggest compliment from Runaji, who said that he was blessed by Kishore Kumar. Missed Yashraaj's performance? Watch it here!

  • For the medley challenge, Yashraaj chose a powerful medley of foot-tapping songs that had the jury and the audience grooving. Asha Bhosle even gave him a standing ovation while Runa Laila called him a true rockstar. Yashraaj walked away with a perfect 30! Watch his performance here!

  • Yashraaj's last outing before the Finale wasn't too good for him or the Indian team. He sang 'Mitwa' but the jury and Atif found many faults in his performance. Runaji and Abidaji gave him a zero, and only Ashaji's 10 redeemed this performance.

  • Despite his last setback, Yashraaj is all set to rock the stage at the Grand Finale on December 29. With all hopes and unbelievable talent to make his country proud, it will be interesting to see if he can win the SurKshetra crown for his country.

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