Screaming out loud! #Day 91, Recap

 January 7th, 2013

  • Salman entered the house and announced Bigg Boss' new twist. He placed a briefcase full of Rs 20 lakhs and anyone who wished to quit the game could take the money and leave. Watch as Salman tries to lure the housemates.

    Salman's tempting offer!
  • Housemates were seen discussing whether the option to quit is viable and how deseprately each wanted the prize money. Watch their conversation in this video.

    Paisa yeh Kaisa?
  • Rajev was the most perplexed and couldn't decide whether he should take the money and quit. Even though he felt confident about winning but found the offer irresistable! Watch this video to know if he took the money.

    20 lakhs or 50 lakhs?
  • Many Housemates were seen sleeping in the house during the day for which Bigg Boss punished the mand ordered Niketan to choose two housemates who would sit in garden area throughout the night. Watch the housemates' reaction in this video.

    Bigg Boss spares no one!
  • Housemates don't like Bigg Boss' punishment and state their displeasure rather loudly. All were seen demanding Bigg Boss to talk to them directly but the latter just ignored their demands. Watch Housemates crib about the punishment right here!

    Punishment not acceptable
  • All blamed Imam for disturbing their sleep in morning because of which they were caught sleeping. Each housemates screamt their lungs out and demanded Bigg Boss to be fair while giving out punishment and not to favor Imam so much. Watch this screaming match right here!

    Scream fest!
  • Just to irritate Urvashi, Imam mocked urvashi nad made fun of her surname by using it wrongly in a song. This pissed off Urvashi and she blasted on Imam. Watch as Urvashi took Imam's case in this video.

    Dhol (a) kia kia!
  • Niketan requests Imam to not make personal jokes but the latter doesn't agree to have been wrong in the case. This irriates Urvashi more and she warns Imam to stay away from her and threatens to quit the show. Watch their heated argument in this video.

    Urvashi's final warning
  • Looking at the situation, Imam apologises to Urvash iand requests her to not leave the show because of him. He convicnes her that he would never make fun of her intentionally and wants her to win thsi show. Watch as Urvashi and Imam make up!

    Imam says sorry...but means it this time
  • While Imam patched up with Urvashi, his favorite nemesis Rajev was still annoyed by him. the two had a fight, yet again, and this time Rajev threw away the mike in protest and demanded Bigg Boss to do something about Imam. Watch this fight right here!

    Rajev and Imam fight...yet again
  • For the punishment, Delnaaz and Rajev were chosne to stay outside the house and Delnaaz was seen crying about it. she confessed how she hasn't been keeping well and because of Imam she has to go through this task. Watch Delnaaz' meltdown in this video.

    Delnaaz breaks down

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