Sasural Simar Ka Episode 318: In Pics

 June 29th, 2012

  • After Khushi's truth has been revealed, Mataji asks Khushi to leave the house. Khushi obliges and leaves the mandap.

  • Karuna begs Khushi to stop but she doesn't listen. She then insists Mataji to change her decision but the matriarch is not ready to budge and asks Karuna to accept the situation.

  • Karuna cries and asks Mataji to think about her son and his happiness. She requests her to ignore Khushi's past and accept her. She says that Khushi in fact even saved Sankalp's life once and considering she has 'Akhand Saubhagyawati ka Yog' in her kundli, she will protect Sankalp from the problems predicted in his kundli.

  • When Mataji doesn't listen to Karuna, the latter at once declares that she will leave the house with her son.Everybody is shocked to hear Karuna. 

  • Seeing that situation is going out of hand, Mataji asks everybody what they think should be done. All members of the family suggest that they should look over Khushi's past and accept her for Karuna and Sankalp's happiness. Both Simar and Roli are stunend to hear this.

  • Mataji then asks Sankalp what he wants and he also says that he still loves Khushi and will only marry her. Karuna points out that when so many problems happened in Roli and Simar's wedding they were still accepted then why not Khushi?

  • Having no option but to agree to everyone, Mataji says that she is ready to get Khushi back for Sankalp's happiness.

  • Karuna then requests Simar to get Khushi back as it was because of her she left. Looking at the family's need, Simar agrees.

  • Khushi catches a cab and goes to the bus station but is still waiting for some one to show up and take her back.  She then buys a ticket to Dehradhun and looks at the watch.

  • Just when she's about to board the bus, Simar and Sankalp reach there and ask her to stop. Khushi then fakes an apology in front of them which Simar accepts and hugs her.

  • There Roli is complaining to Siddhant that how could Simar get Khushi back. Siddhant tries to explain that the choice was not in Simar's hand and she was forced to accept the family situation. He asks her to relax and have faith in Simar.

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