Sana-Vishal closeness irks housemates#Day 59, Recap

 December 6th, 2012

  • The morning began with Vishal telling Aashka about his late night conversation with Sana and how he was relieved that all their misunderstandings were sorted out.

  • On the other hand, Rajev warned Sana that Vishal was manipulating Sana and Karishma because of the nominations and to be wary of him. Sapna was disgusted by this piece of news. Rajev went on to tell Karishma about Vishal-Sana's conversation, for which Delnaaz's conclusion was that he was jealous. Well said!

  • Sapna then marched into the bedroom and lectured her audience about how the whole house was divided because of 1 'loser and idiot' (Vishal). She was angry with Sana too, for falling for his rubbish...

  • Not satisfied with her rant, Sapna went up to Sana and taunted her continuously about making up with Vishal after his sweet talking but boycotting Karishma even after she apologized. Sana tried to defend herself, but Sapna was in no mood to listen. Watch the drama here!

  • Unable to take the barrage of taunts over Vishal, Sana broke down really badly and rushed to the bathroom to cry. Funnily enough, it was Aashka who consoled her and asked her to stop crying!

  • Then it was Aashka, Vishal and Sana cramped in the tiny bathroom, trying to calm down a crying Sana. Aashka was in complete 'I told you so' mode as she consoled Sana. Sana also shooed away poor Rajev when he came to inquire about her!

  • Vrajesh reminded the trio about not staying in the bathroom longer as rules were to be followed. Then he became agony uncle to Sana and kept reassuring her that she was strong as he lead the small troop out of the bathroom.

  • In the house, Rajev too, was shedding tears in front of Urvashi because Sana had rudely shooed him away by saying 'I don't want to talk to you!' He claimed that he was hurt by the girl who he was so fond of. But didn't he start teasing Sana about her talking to Vishal in the first place?

  • Vishal, Aashka and Delnaaz tried to cheer Sana up as she was still crying. Vishal declared that Sapna was crazy and Aashka confessed that she couldn't recognize Sapna's character. All this Sapna-bashing, and a kiss on her head by Vishal, did manage to make Sana smile!

  • In another part of the house, Santosh declared in front of the camera and his friends that he was in love with Karishma and his new goal was not to win the prize money, but to woo and marry Karishma. After that, he was relentlessly teased by the housemates.

  • Bigg Boss announced that since no-one had captured anyone's territory, they would get no luxury budget this week. But he lauded Niketan, Sapna, Mink and Sana's efforts in the task and gave them some special gifts. This certainly made them the envy of the house as the goodies were not to be shared with anyone!

  • Mink confronted her 'brother' Vrajesh about not coming to her when Santosh was spewing abuses at her. They had a pretty high-pitched fight, but hugged and reconciled soon enough. What's more, Santosh, Vishal and Dinesh came up to a crying Mink and promised not to misbehave in the future. Awww!

  • Bigg Boss then had a secret poll about which two members did the housemates did not want in the house. Sapna, Imam and Aashka emerged as the ones with the highest votes. No surprises there!

  • Bigg Boss then announced that the secret poll was to decide Captaincy nominations. Since Aashka couldn't be the Captain, the fight would be between Sapna and Imam. Since they  were allowed to campaign for their election, both of them geared up for the challenge.

  • Bigg Boss then announced the 'Hum, Tum aur Gubbara' task where housemates had to dance in pairs with a balloon between them and not let the balloon fall or burst. Though everyone tried, the winners were Sana and Vishal who danced the longest without letting the balloon go!

  • Unable to contain his joy over winning the task and being called the most 'pyaar-bhari jodi' of the house, Vishal planted a kiss on Sana as the housemates looked on. The atmosphere was pretty happy at the end of the day after all the day-long fights

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