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Sana means dumb: Sapna Bhavnani

 January 9th, 2013

most interesting questions she answered!

">  Sana means dumb: Sapna Bhavnani Paresh Kalinani: You were the only person who was seen understanding Imam and even making him understand things? What was that thing which the housemates couldn't understand?

Sapna: I want to say that they're not exposed to the whole world so they get a little intimidated when they see someone dressed like me or Imam

">  Sana means dumb: Sapna Bhavnani
Deepu Kumar: Which is your most unforgettable moment in the Bigg Boss house? Who do you like most in bigg boss?

Sapna: Most unforgettable is my last night before eviction when I did a mime show with Imam. It was great. At the moment I liked Imam and only Imam! (Screams)

">  Sana means dumb: Sapna Bhavnani
simplypurple: The entire time you were on the show, we never got to hear any message of women empowerment. Instead all we saw was the way you treated the housemates. From fighting with Sidhu & Sana, who stood up for you, calling Urvashi names, yelling at Karishma & Niketan to tearing Vishal's costume. Are you proud of the way you behaved?

Sapna:Yes I am proud of the way I behaved. I believe it’s better to act than just speak about something. Unlike Sidhu or Sampat, who just kept on throwing a volley of preaching at everyone’s face! I believe that I am the message. I wanted to convey  that a 42 year old woman, who doesn’t wear sari, doesn’t have ghane lambe baal, doesn’t have kids, is not married is yet so happy in life! This is women empowerment.


">  Sana means dumb: Sapna Bhavnani
ifrahanwar: Are you attracted to Niketan?

Sapna: Yes, Niketan is a handsome and attractive man and I am straight!

">  Sana means dumb: Sapna Bhavnani
tisha: Sana supported you so much when no one did, she convinced all her friends to not nominate you because she actually liked you. Don’t you think you over-reacted when you could have avoided using such harsh words that day in the kitchen? 

Sapna: I am not a calm person... I over-react! Sabka apna apna tareeka hai to express. Some people are calm and quite, whereas some like to express... kaun sahi hai, I don’t think anyone can talk about it. And, Sana-Vishal topic is so irritating!

">  Sana means dumb: Sapna Bhavnani
Cutie 1984:  Who is the most dumb and most chaloo in the house? Tell something positive about Sana khan.

Sapna: Sana Khan! Wo thodi dumb hai. Lekin I believe ki agar unhe bimbo ki spelling poocchi jaaye to she'll know! Hahahaaaa! She scored a two in algebra, so that speaks for her brains. I think Sana means ‘Dumb’ inside the Bigg Boss house.

">  Sana means dumb: Sapna Bhavnani
Prasad Mohite: What was the purpose of you telling people not to save you? Why did you want to leave house?

Sapna: Mujhe ghar se beghar hue logon wale list mein aana tha jaise- Aseem, Sampat, Dinesh, instead of the losers inside the house like- Delnaaz, Sana and Rajev!

">  Sana means dumb: Sapna Bhavnani
nehakumar5: Hello psycho pagal Sapna, you forgot your better half in the house Imam inside! You two are made for each other, why don’t you marry him?

Sapna: Well, if Imam was straight, maybe I would have thought about it!

">  Sana means dumb: Sapna Bhavnani
Laila23: Who is the fakest of all? Do you think Imam is playing a game and is fake? Does Sana really wear too much make up?

Sapna: Delnaaz, Rajev and Sana, three of them! No, I think Imam is genuinely like this. If he was faking to be in the show, he would know how to win over everyone. He is blatant and mad, just like me. Sana spends first half of the day in just doing make-up, dressing her hair, changing clothes and attracting guys. I think if she wins, all her money will go to Mac!


">  Sana means dumb: Sapna Bhavnani

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