Sana and Vishal go on a date! #Day 74, Recap

 December 21st, 2012

  • Bigg Boss sent in a Rating Task, basis which all the contestants had to rate themselves on the scale of 1 – 10 and specify why they think they deserve to be standing on a particular position. Imam decided for himself to be the contender for number one post but insisted on sharing the space with Urvashi. Watch the rating distribution in this video.

  • In a twisted turn of events, Bigg Boss announced that as Imam ranked himself number one he will be now the Captain of the House! Watch this twisted task right here.

  • Vishal and Rajev were given a task of wooing Sana and whoever out of the two wins will take Sana out for a romantic date. Imam being made the conveyor of the task was free at will to give instructions to the three and monitor the task. Watch as the two fight it out to win Sana's heart right here!

  •  While Sana initially thought she was being mocked and the two men weren’t carrying on with the task seriously, she broke down. But soon, Vishal consoled her and told her that he will put in his cent percent and she will not have an option but to chose him was when she calmed down. Watch their conversation in this video.

  •  Soon, after the three started again with the task, Imam intervened to advice Rajev when Rajev lost his cool over Imam. Watch Rajev give Hdayat to Imam right here!

  • In an attempt to woo Sana, Rajev dedicated a poem to her. Watch him say his poem to Sana in this video.

  • Vishal admitted that he had been attracted to Sana from day one and that he would want to date her post the show is over.  Watch as he sings and proposes to Sana in this video!

  • When the time comes for Sana to decide, she chooses Vishal over Rajev for the date infuriating Rajev in the bargain. Post this, Sana goes to clear the air with Rajev, when he snaps at her saying he knew she would never stand up for a friend and that she was never his friend and will never be his friend. Watch as Rajev ends his friendship with Sana right here!

  • While Vishal and Sana are on a date, the two end up discussing all the mess that was created with Rajev being in the task. Sana admits that she could never go on a date with Rajev since his ex wife was sitting there. Watch their official date in this video.

  • Delnaz and Aashka are seen inquiring from Sana if there is anything that is cooking between her and Vishal to which Sana disagrees and tells them that it is just that she feels comfortable with him and that at this age, she does not think that healthy flirting is a taboo. Watch their conversation in this video.

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