Salman's surprise visit! #Day 77, Recap

 December 24th, 2012

  • Aashka was seen crying in front of Delnaz and Sana since she has been missing Rohit and does not understand why he has not visited her even after she has gone through so much in the house. Soon, she and the other housemates are surprised to see Salman Khan enter the house. Watcvh Salman's entry in this video!

  • Salman enters the house and tells Aashka that Rohit has been busy and so hasn’t been able to make time, but he made time and came to see them all. Watch as Salman talks to everyone in the house over pizzas and juice.

  • He makes all the housemates dance to the tune of Fevicol Se and also got along some audio messages for a few contestants. The contestants are overwhelmed to hear the voices of their mothers. Watch what messages Urvashi and Karishma got from their mothers!

  • Even Sana and Imam get to hear audio messages from their parents and Sana breaks down into tears. Watch as Salman consoles her in this video.

  • Salman asks all the housemates to play the game with all their strength since it is in its final stage and soon walks out of the house. Watch what advice Salman gave before leaving right here!

  • Bigg Boss announces eviction nominations in the house and asks each contestant to name three prospects who according to them can go to the finale. Watch the complete nomination process in this video.

  • Basis the votes, Bigg Boss announce the nominated contestants of the week and ask the contestants not to discuss anything about the nominations. Watch what were the reactions of the Housemates after Bigg Boss' announcement.

  •  Bigg Boss sends in other surprise for Aashka and sends in her mother to meet her since she did not recognize her mother’s voice the night before. He mother asks her why she wouldn’t recognize her voice to which Aashka has no answer but was glad to meet her mother. Watch as the mother-daughter bond in this video.

  • Seeing Aashka's mother, Imam feels guilty of how he behaved with her in Padosi house and asks her mother to forgive him. Watch his apology right here!

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