Salman Launches the Parivarik Season of BIGG BOSS

 September 17th, 2012

  • While every one had their eyes set on the enterance door of one of the conference halls of hotel Trident, Salman Khan surprised everyone by stepping out of the Bigg Boss's eye. He was at his wittiest as said, "aankhon se aam taur pe annsoo nikalte hain, aaj main nikal gaya hoon"

  • The Tiger Khan looked Dapper in the grey suit and announced, "Last time i could not be there for the entire seson, due to other commitments aur tab maine Colors ko commitment di thi ke iss saal main poora season khud host karoonga"

  • Salman Khan announced that the show format this year would be more family friendly and would be aired at 9pm from Mon-Sun, starting October 7th. He said, "Buzurgon ne kaha hai ke life mein aage badho to hum bhi do ghante aage badh gaye."

  • After the media grilled Salman to reveal some of the names who will be seen inside the house, he invited the new housemate a Macaw parrot, who incidentally has been named after Salman's famous onscreen character, Radhe!

  • He also revealed that there will be one more housemate, who will give company to the housemates along with Radhe, a gold fish!

  • When asked about, if he wanted to recommend someone as the contestant, Salman said, "Agar main aur Sanju baba jayenge to bohot dhamaal karenge." But, when a journalist candidly asked him whether he will be inside the house since his female fans want to see him in the swimming pool, Salman said, "Main Salman Khan hoon, Sunny Leone nahi."

  • Colors CEO, Raj Nayak informed the media that this years the personalities will be interesting but not loud. Since, nothing remains in their hands after the contestants are inside the house, a lot of care will be taken while casting. He said, "JDJ was Dancing with Stars and BiggBoss6 will be Camping with Stars"

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