Salman Khan rocked again#Day 48 Recap

 November 27th, 2012

  • Salman entered started the 'Super Saturday' in high spirits with his performance on 'Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghuma Du'. It did take the audience some time to settle down.

    Salman says 'Aa Chalti Kya'
  • Salman entered the padosi house for the first time via the TV screen. Dinesh, Aashka, Jyoti and Santosh were waiting eagerly to talk to Salman and yes, they did have a lot of fun... read on for more!

    Hello padosi house
  • Jyoti Amge, who claims to be a huge Salman Khan fan, had a great time talking to his favourite actor, whom she referred to as 'Sallu'. Jyoti recited her shayari and 'Sallu special' dialogues for him, but, the best moment was when she asked Salman why he wasn't married yet!

    Flirtatious Jyoti
  • All this marriage talk put Salman in a romantic mood, and he yelled (playfully, of course) at Jyoti for sitting in his place on Aashka's lap! He said that he was jealous of Jyoti for getting that seat, and both the girls gladly invited him.

    Laptop talks
  • But Salman is not the only Aashka admirer around. Santosh has been besotted with Aashka since the time he came in. And when Aashka challenged him to jump in the well for Jyoti's amusement, he actually jumped in, declaring his love for Aashka! Watch Santosh's madness here!

    Santosh in the well
  • Diverting the focus to the most painful topic in the Padosi house, Imaam, Salman asked the housemates as to why did they urge Bigg Boss to throw Imam out of the house. See what the housemates had to say...

    When Salman brought up Imam's topic
  • And then a hurricane hit the mud house! Rakhi Sawant went dancing inside the house to entertain the rather distressed housemates. Don't miss her dhamakedaar entry!

    Padosi ghar mein aandhi!
  • Rakhi looked quite settled in the house, unsetteling the housemates! Salman then asked her what she would have done if she was there when Imaam was at his craziest best? And pat came the reply from 'haazirjawaab' Raakhi! She said, "pehle to main aaram se samjhati, phir aapka roop dharan kar leti!" Whaen Salman asked "kaunsa roop?" Rakhi said, "Chulbul Pandey ban kar sabki pungi bajati!"

    With Rakhi came Imaam again!
  • Imaam Siddique, who had gone missing after being thrown out of the house came back to the house, much ashamed and seeked forgiveness from everyone in the house. Watch the whole episode again!

    Look Who's Back!
  • After shaking the Padosi house, Rakhi did 'earth-um quake-upum' for Salman. Watch her performance

    Salman Called Rakhi Out!
  • Vrajesh after getting evicted from the house, got a chance to know what the housemates thought of him! 

    Vrajesh gets a reality check!
  • After keeping quite inside the house for quite some time, Vrajesh spoke up bigg time on Saturday...  Justifying his two faced tag!

    Vrajesh ki Bhadaas
  • Vrajesh entered the Padosi House in excitement and got really emotional to meet his old friend Aashka. 

    The emotional reunion
  • No Saturday evening is complete without the Khoofiya Khabri popat in the house. This time around he disclosed the secret love story brewing between Sapna and Vishal in the house. 

    When the Khabri arrived!

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