Salman Khan raves, rants and dances!#Day 83, Recap

 December 30th, 2012

  • Salman tried to end 2012 on an energetic note by performing to 'Maria Maria'. After the crowd stopped cheering, he also announced that he would go into the house via ME TV, something which he's rarely done on Saturdays.

  • Salman's first mission with the housemates was to let a female caller question Rajev over his 'chauvinistic' remarks that a woman over 40 has very few options in men. Rajev tried explaining, unconvincingly though. And it didn't help his case that Sapna testified that she had plenty of options even after being 41 years old. 

  • Salman announced that there would be open nominations in front of Salman. When asked for 2 nominations, Imam named Niketan and Urvashi, as he felt that Urvashi was a threat to him, and Niketan didn't deserve to be in the game.

  • Salman and the housemates tried explaining to Imam that since Niketan was the Captain, he could not be nominated. Imam stuck to his guns, and went to the extent of saying 'Timeout' to Salman not once, but twice!

  • The normally calm Salman lost his patience and warned Imam not to pull the tricks that he pulled with the housemates in front of him. Imam refused to accept the fact that he was being rude, angering Salman even more.

  • That was not all. Salman lashed out at an unapologetic Imam, and reminded him of the time when Imam had begged to be sent into the house. He also defended Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta, whose names Imam had dropped during the argument.Watch Salman take Imam's case here! 

  • Only after Salman threatened to nominate Imam if he kept insisting on nominating Niketan, Imam came to his senses and nominated Delnaaz, and said that it was because she had nominated him earlier.

  • Salman then turned to Delnaaz, whose first choice was obvious-Imam. She had a hard time choosing the second, but finally chose Sapna because Sapna had declared her disinterest in reaching the finals.

  • Next up was Sana, who obviously nominated Imam even though she hasn't had a personal problem with him. But she rallied with her old housemates to nominate him. Her next choice was Sapna, who didn't make an attempt to patch up with Sana after a fight.

  • Sapna also faltered with the nomination as she couldn't decide whose name would be her second choice. Imam was obviously the first choice but Sapna burst into tears as she said that everyone around her wanted to win and that she couldn't nominated anybody.

  • Sapna nominated Delnaaz after taking Salman's advice. Unlike Sapna, Captain Niketan was pretty clear about who he wanted to nominate. He chose Imam and Delnaaz, both of whom he had not nominated even once throughout the show.

  • Urvashi lived up to her straightforward image when she nominated Imam for not irritating the housemates and not listening to her advice. What's more, she also nominated Delnaaz and confessed that it was because Delnaaz was a strong contender!

  • After all this drama, Salman look relieved to have his friend Anil Kapoor on stage. The duo made for great entertainment with their friendly banter, and Anil Kapoor surprised Salman by saying that he had worked with 5 generations of actresses. Watch Salman-Anil's masti here!

  • Jacqueline Fernandez, Anil's co-star in Race-2, entered in a body hugging gown and enthralled the audience with her dance moves. She also taught Salman the dance steps, which he religiously followed. Good fun!

  • Karishma Kotak, who was eliminated this week, was called by Salman, She narrated how her father used to dance like Anil, and wished to dance with him. Anil readily obliged and did his signature step, with the rest of them following him.

  • After Anil and Jacqueline left, Salman danced with Karishma to get an 'Awww!' out of her. That done, Salman played the word association game with her where Karishma called Rajev 'Emotional Atyachaar' and said that Aashka shed fake tears.

  • Soon after Karishma's statement, Aashka walked in, and Salman tried to play the devil by telling Aashka what Karishma said about her. But looked like both of them were being diplomatic and sweet to each other, so Salman packed them off, with Santosh Shukla!

  • In light of the Delhi gang-rape incident, Salman ended the episode by asking everyone to be careful while celebrating New Year and think about women's safety.Watch his message here. 

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