Roli's style evolution

 October 19th, 2013

  • Through the years, we have seen Roli don many roles- playful sister, lovable daughter, dutiful bahu and Siddhant’s perfect wife. And with each role, we have seen her change looks with aplomb. We take you through all of Roli’s looks, so you can decide which one you like best.

  • The lively teenager- At the time when she was still Roli Dwivedi, she was a sprightly teenager who never got enough of teasing her Simar didi about her wedding, and playing princess to her parents. Her bright kurtas paired with neutral leggings, chunky jewellery and her long tresses left open were the perfect look for a small town teenager.

  • The dazzling bride- When the time came to graduate from a naughty teenager to a bride, Roli did it with élan. Though it was technically Simar’s wedding dress, Roli looked perfect in it as she took Simar’s place to marry Prem. The traditional red lehenga with peacock motifs, paired with matching kundan jewellery made Roli the bride of dreams.

  • Not a girl, not yet a woman- As Roli faced the challenge of being a single girl after Simar and Prem’s union, Roli went back to her young avatar. But this time, the look was different, with an anarkali salwar kameez and her long hair tamed with a side plait. And this is the look that attracted Siddhant and they got married in a dramatic twist.

  • New bride- Finally Roli found love with Siddhant, and became a new bride in her own right. Her salwar kameezes were replaced by sarees in colours typical of a young bride- maroon, bright yellow, red and orange. She also went easy on the jewellery, with only a small necklace and chandelier earrings completing the look. 

  • Down but not out- When Khushi took over the Bharadwaj family’s property, the family lost all their glory, along with their family jewels. In this period of hardship, we saw a simple Roli, who dressed up in simple sarees in muted colours, and no jewellery apart from her mangalsutra.

  • The glam doll- Whatever Roli does, she gives it a 100%. And this was proved when she took on a glamourous look to make Veeru fall in love with her. Roli went all out in modernizing her look, experimenting with short dresses in black and red, and leaving her thick curls open. No wonder Veeru went crazy over this new Roli.

  • Smooth sailing- Finally, Roli’s challenge (and glamorous look) paid off as the family was freed off Veeru and Khushi and got their property back. And Roli, now wiser and more in love with Siddhant than ever, went back to her cheerful sarees and an arm full of bangles. The look was a little muted, but the sparkly jewellery, and a less severe hairstyle, were a symbol of happy times.

  • The romantic wife- All this struggle for the family had driven the otherwise perfect Roli and Siddhant apart. Roli tried to put the spice back in their relationship by dolling herself up in a wispy white saree, matching diamond baubles and a sparkling nose ring. And Siddhant couldn’t help but stare at Roli during their romantic rendezvous. 

  • Resurrection as Vidya- Roli lost her memory after Veeru kidnapped her, and was resurrected as Vidya. Vidya retained the essence of Roli by wearing sarees, but the sarees were in bold colours, with large borders. She also styled her differently, wearing a side plait with a few locks of her left open to frame her face.

  •   Jhumki- We’re not saying Jhumki is Roli, but this looks is Avika’s most drastic change in the show. As a gypsy, Jhumki dresses up in a ghagra- choli in eye popping colours, and teams them up with chunky silver jewellery.    

  • Currently Roli is seen playing the content bahu of the Bharadwaj family, and wearing the sarees that she looks so beautiful in. But she will soon be seen as a new alter ego- Sonia Oberoi. Now that she's playing an ultra rich girl out to challenge Shaurya, she will be seen in rich, and sometimes blingy outfits and statement accessories. So which of Roli’s looks do you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below!

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