RK-Madhu: The sizzling couple of Colors

 September 12th, 2012

  • The marriage that started off with Chaar Phere has to have some crazy ups and downs. RK-Madhu are no ordinary couple, their constant fights and face-offs give a glimpse of something more.

  • The first hint of chemistry was visible when RK swooped Madhu in his arms at her own engagement ceremony. Just like a hero!

  • After their unique yet incomplete Chaar Phere wedding, RK welcomed Madhu with cactus instead of rose petals. This is just one of the instances of this bizzare union, till today RK doesn't call Madhu by her name but instead calls her "Biwi".Sounds very endearing when he says it. He took her with him to sets and introduced her as his wife but not without declaring that she will also be his new spot girl! Poor Madhu, had to run around carrying his things and getting coffee for him.

  • Even though they have their cold moments, there have been times when both have rushed to be at each other's side. Like when the light was about to fall on RK, Madhu jumped in to save him and herself took the fall. That was also the first time we saw the softer side of RK when he asked a doctor to be called quickly to tend Madhu's hand. 

  • When a girl gets married to a guy, she has to leave her family and adjust in the new one. But in Madhu's case even RK's family was as difficult as him. Even though her mother-in-law, Radha, was on her side, she had a hard time accepting Kuku Bhatia and Sikander as her father-in-law and brother-in-law respectively. But this did help Madhu understand RK and she found out that he has a past which he hates to face.

  • After constant insults by RK of her mother, Madhu took it in her hand to teach a lesson to him. She challenged him that she will make him apologise to her mother and even succeeded in doing so with the help of Kukuji. She got her hands on some of RK's embarassing childhood photos which she threatened to release to media unless he apologised. RK, left with no choice, followed Madhu's wishes but alas! even Madhu got double-played as Kukuji released pictures to media and the blame fell on Madhu.

  • Feeling betrayed, RK made sure he told the truth about their marriage to a dying Maalik and forcefully took his thumbprint on contract papers stating Madhu will be his until her family returns the loan. Frustrated with RK,  Madhu walks in rain and falls sick. Here again we saw a warm RK trying to force Madhu to have medicines. But Madhu hadn't forgotten what RK did and confesses to him that as she's his'Biwi' she will only be a part-time spot girl and full-time wife. She will show what the real meaning of wife is and calls him "Aadarnya Pati"

  • All this hot and cold chemistry will soon burst out as RK throws a party for his friends and family in his own house and he promises to introduce Madhu in his world. But will this party bring any major turnover in RK-Madhu's relation? Will we get to see any hot and sizzling scenes between the two? We can't wait for the episode and we know you can't too! So for time being let's be satisfied by watching this sneak peek into the Maha episode!

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