RK unweds Madhu!

 February 11th, 2013

  • When RK and Madhu had met for the first time, not only the sparks had gone off but looked like they were ready to burn the house down! With so much animosity between the two, we never thought that these two could ever fall in love! But destiny worked its charm and these two fell for each other and were so ready to give up everything but sadly, RK gave up at the last moment and called this his plan of revenge. Here we will take you through RK’s vicious plan step-by-step.

  • It all started off with Madhu slapping RK on his sets when she found out that he was behind the hit and run case which left her boyfriend Mukund injured. While RK tried to bribe the police, Madhu made sure that he was punished for his wrongdoing and sent him to jail.

  • When RK came out of jail, he made sure he left no stone unturned and made Madhu’s life miserable. He successfully broke off her engagement with Mukund and after his bodyguards beat up her father, he forced her to get married to him in return for her father’s treatment. But since it’s a filmy show, the wedding was filmy too and RK made Madhu take Chaar Phere instead of the usual seven. 

  • Once she became RK’s biwi, the Superstar tortured Madhu until one day she saved his life on-sets. While this brought some affection in RK’s eyes for Madhu, these two still had a long way to go. When RK was shot in the Ganpati Visarjan, Madhu’s love for RK came out and she walked to Siddhivinayak to pray for RK’s life. Eventually, her prayers worked and RK came out of the accident as a changed man.

  • Love story began at this point and Madhu while taking care of RK, started falling head-over-heels in love with him. RK too reciprocated her feelings but in a rather subdued manner and silently supported her against all odds. This was also the moment when Madhu started daydreaming about RK and just like in movies here too she danced on the song Pareshaan with RK in a complete dream sequence!

  • Madhu even went to the extent of keeping Karwa Chauth ka vrat for her beloved RK and that whole sequence turned out to be a top-secret mission. But her efforts of fasting soon paid off as even RK started to enjoy romancing with Madhu and the two shared some lovey-dovey moments.

  • Finally, RK acknowledged his feelings for Madhu and declared the same to her. But his proposal came with a condition and asked Madhu to leave everything and everyone behind so the two could make their own world some place else. Madhu at first didn’t agree, but when they decided to resolve their family issues before leaving, she willingly said yes to the proposal. 

  • While Madhu convinced Padmini and Shamsher to officially get married, RK too cleared differences with his mother Radhaji and finally called her Maa. Things were almost running smoothly and RK-Madhu were ready to embark on a new journey but in here came the big twist and the vicious villain Balraj, Padmini’s original husband, made a reentry! 

  • He created havoc in everyone’s lives and kidnapped Madhu and her family. RK in total hero-style jumped in to save his heroine and in a very filmy manner, Padmini pulled the trigger and finished the root of the problem (read: Balraj) once and for all!

  • After spending some more lovey-dovey moments in the village, RK and Madhu got ready to spend an eternity together but alas! RK shattered all dreams of Madhu and revealed his true intentions. He called off the marriage at the last moment and reminded Madhu of the four slaps she had plastered on his face. Madhu got the biggest jolt of her life as she saw RK changing his colors in front of her. Now, what is left to see is how Madhu will recover from this phase. Probably she could start with chanting her mantra!

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