RK – The Common Man

 February 5th, 2013

  • While traveling to the picnic spot, RK’s car breaks down in between and the duo are left with no option but to take help from the nearby village. While Madhu easily mingles with the villagers and adjusts with the simple environment, Superstar RK has a tough time making compromises. Here’s a quick look at some of the best moments of RK-Madhu living like simpletons.

  • RK-Madhu get a room to stay in the richest person’s house in the village but the owners of the house refuse to acknowledge RK’s stardom and treat him like a common man. This infuriates RK but Madhu asks him to stay quiet. Together Madhu and he clean up the air conditioner in hopes of making RK feel comfortable but are then informed about the broken compressor. This makes RK realize that he just made an effort to do some housework but for no gain. Watch as all the cleaning leaves RK totally flustered. 

  • After all the cleaning and dusting, Tai gives clothes to RK and Madhu to change. While Madhu comes out in a Maharashtrian-style Kashta, RK is made to wear dhoti and kurta. Tying the dhoti becomes a tough task for RK and it is Madhu who helps him drape it, creating some romantic friction between the two. But everything said, RK looked totally hot in that white dhoti and we are sure Madhu thought the same too!

  • When RK tries to make a call to Bittuji he realizes that the phone is out of network and he ends up asking the village kids for a coin to use in PCO. The kids don’t leave this opportunity and demand RK to act and dance for them. After much insistence RK agrees and dances on Hud Dabangg and shows off some Salman Khan moves. Watch as RK entertains the village kids in this video.

  • While Madhu helps Tai in the kitchen to cook, RK joins in and we see the couple spend some time like real husband and wife. Kaka then enters the kitchen for some milk and in order to impress Madhu, RK takes it on himself to bring the milk. He doesn’t realize that Kaka wants him to actually milk a cow and here our Superstar puts himself in a tough spot. But RK’s charm has never failed and poor cow too fell under his spell and sat quietly while he milked her. Madhu definitely looked impressed and we are left speechless! Watch this sequence right here.

  • Kaka invites RK to drink some desi daaru with him and after a few drinks goes down memory lane and narrates his love story to RK. At the same time, Tai shares the same story with Madhu and makes her wear her favorite Mumtaz-style sari. After RK goes back to the room he finds Madhu all decked up and she then dances for him on Bindiya Chamkegi a la Mumtaz! Totally filmy, right? Watch Madhu’s special performance for RK right here. 

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