Rewind: Na Bole Tum Season 1 journey

 December 21st, 2012

  •   Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha told the interesting story of two polar opposite individuals, Mohan, a newspaper reporter and Megha, a widowed and a mother of two kids, who were destined to be together. Let’s take a look at their journey towards ‘Happily Ever After’  

  • Megha first met Mohan when he was chasing a girl into the Khajrana mandir,  with his open shoelaces flying all over the place. Megha, who was with her kids, thought he was a rogue, when he was actually a reporter running after a suspect. It was hate at first sight, atleast for Megha! As it turned out, they were neighbours.

  • Nanhi, Megha's six year old daughter, went to Prabhat Leher, the newspaper office. , where Mohan helped her publish a matrimonial ad for her widowed mother. This was the foundation of Mohan and his chavanni’s priceless friendship! 

  • When Nanhi went missing, Mohan searched for her for the whole day with Megha, and finally the duo found her, which was a big relief for Megha.

  • Megha and Mohan’s budding friendship was destroyed when Megha's late husband, Amar Vyas’ guilt in the flyover scam was confirmed because of Mohan’s story.

  •   But when Mohan saved Megha during the Maha Shivratri accident, their friendship blossomed. They also became colleagues when Megha got a job at Prabhat Leher.  

  • Mohan saved Megha from the prying eyes of Pratik, their colleague, and consoled a shaken up Megha later,  which earned him her respect.

  • When Mohan’s ex-girlfriend landed up in Indore, Megha pretended to be his wife as Rashmi was being demeaning towards Mohan. They even went to a farmhouse together, where Mohan and Megha came closer to each other.

  • When Rashmi revealed to Megha that Mohan loves her, Mohan laughed it off, as he didn’t want to reveal the truth to Megha. Watch Mohan's drama here.

  • Megha's family was angry at her because she pretended to be Mohan's wife and stayed over night with him at the farmhouse. Mohan's mother, Indu, too, disapproved of Mohan's increasing affection towards the widowed Megha.

  • Megha, Mohan and Ved went to Bhopal after getting a clue that Amar was innocent. Mohan found the CD with the recording of Amar being murdered by Dinanath.

  • Dinanath and Pratik kidnapped Nanhi to get the incriminating CD back. Mohan had to hand over the proof to keep Nanhi safe. But in the end, Amar’s innocence was proved and with the back up of the CD that Mohan had kept with himself.

  • Mohan couldn’t keep his love to himself so he confessed his love to her, but Megha slapped Mohan and denied the fact that she loved him. This left Mohan alone, and heartbroken.

  • Megha got Mohan’s letter in Amar's diary, asking her to be happy even if he weren’t in her life, and Megha and the family thought that it was Amar’s letter, asking Megha to get remarried. 

  • Mohan became reckless after Megha’s rejection, and went out to cover a dangerous story. He ended up getting shot by a goon in front of Megha, who had come to stop him.

  • Megha realizes how much she loves Mohan but stays silent due to the promise she has made to Mohan’s mother Indu that she will stay away from Mohan and not spoil his life.

  • Megha agreed to remarry to keep her promise to Indu about staying away from Mohan. Manav, Renu’s distant cousin, came to stay at Vyas house, and the Vyas family thought he was the best suitor for Megha.

  • Even after Mohan's attempts, Megha and Manav were going to get engaged with their families' consent. But Mohan, the smart guy that he was, replaced Manav's ring with his own. What's more, he even slid the ring in Megha's finger, much to Nanhi's delight!

  • Mohan couldn’t stand seeing Manav and Mohan together, and barged into Vyas house in a drunken state, and confessed his love for Megha. Megha couldn’t reciprocate his love in time, and Mohan left with a broken heart.

  • Mohan got a call from Riddhima's mother when he came out of the Vyas house.She told him that her husband's condition was critical, and he wanted to see Mohan-Riddhima married before he died. 

  • Heartbroken by Megha’s rejection, Mohan married Riddhima to fulfil her father’s wish.

  • But when he came back, Megha called out to him, hugged him and confessed her love for him. Mohan was overcome with happiness, and couldn’t tell her about Riddhima.

  • With the consent of the Vyas family, Mohan and Megha got married to each other and started a new life together. 

  • Mohan, Megha and the kids went for their honeymoon to Nepal, and enjoyed the trip as a family. But Mohan encountered Riddhima there, who had turned possessive about Mohan, and refused to leave him. This caused a misunderstanding between Megha and Mohan, and they returned in a sullen mood. 

  • Megha found out about Riddhima but stood by Mohan, even when her whole family opposed her. The Vyas family refused to let the children stay with Megha, but Megha was still determined to prove Mohan's innocence. 

  • Mohan and Megha took Riddhima to court, where Indu helped them prove that Riddhima is mentally unstable. They won the case and got rid of Riddhima. 

  • As they were returning home with the happy news, the duo met with a near fatal accident. Megha lost consciousness, and they were taken to the hospital.

  • Mohan got away with serious injuries, but the doctors declared Megha a quadriplegic, and added that she wouldn’t walk or stand after this. 

  • While Megha was in the hospital, Mohan took care of the entire family, and cheered her up when she was feeling down. He even saved her from committing suicide when she was depressed!

  • Due to Megha’s growing hospital bill, Mohan was forced to bow down to his autocratic father and accept all his conditions in lieu of money. 

  • Also to the family’s surprise, it was revealed that Amar’s FD’s money was taken by Renu and Sanjay, to buy a new car. Renu was ostracized by the whole family for her greed, and she tried to repent for it. 

  • When Mohan’s father came to tell Megha about his deal, she made him realize that he had lost his son because of his ego, and the whole family rallied with Mohan and Megha. With this realization, Mohan and his father reconciled.

  • On Ganesh Chaturthi, Megha saw someone trying to hurt Mohan by dropping a heavy light on him. Megha was unable to alert Mohan, and conquered her disability to rush to his rescue. Everyone was amazed to see Megha cured.

  • Megha discovered that it was none other than Guru who had attacked Mohan, and it was their plan to cure Megha. Megha was touched that Mohan risked his life to save hers, and the family lived happily ever after!

  • With all well in the end, the Bhatnagar and Vyas families bid adieu to their audience, with a promise to come back soon. And true to their promise, they're coming back with their second innings, with some new faces!

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