Respect wala Love# Balika Vadhu

 February 8th, 2013

  • Shiv and Anandi’s love story post marriage has just begun and now we have been seeing quite a lot of chemistry and romance blossoming between the two. Though, Anandi still needs sometime to shed her inhibitions, yet she has finally confessed her feelings for Shiv, albeit, to herself. 

  • The story that is on the romatic bent actually started on a very shilly-shally note. Its purely out of respect that Anandi gave a positive nod to her second marriage. Now, slowly but surely she has managed to to strike a right balance between her love life and catering to the expectations of both the families. Watch how!  

  • On the other hand, even Shiv has a lot of respect for Anandi. He has been quite accommodating post wedding. While Anandi was hesitant with the idea of getting intimate on the first night, Shiv assured her that he would touch her once she was ready. 

  • But that did not stop Shiv from expressing his love, passion and admiration for Anandi time and again. His only expectation has been to see Anandi reciprocate the same. Watch Anandi's moment of dilemma!  

  • The relationship that started with mutual respect and admiration has finally developed a strong bond of trust and Anandi too seems to be preparing herself for that big day that Shiv has been waiting for ever since. Watch how both surprised each other by exchanging gifts!  

  • The new found relationship between the both has embarked its first few steps and has tip-toed into Shiv and Anandi’s life. Remember, when Shiv tricked Anandi and she confessed her love for him? Now watch this video where Anandi is seen melting into Shiv’s arms after a moment of intimacy between the two.

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