Recap:Lucknow Killings Case# Shaitaan

 December 27th, 2012

  • Superstition is harmless till we decide not to step out of the house after someone sneezes, but when it conquers your convictions, you might fall into this vortex and have to face fatal consequences.  One such case of ‘superstition overpowering rationality’ resulted into the murder of several innocent kids in Lucknow

  • In the year 2010, Lucknow police was baffled with the rampant killings of teenage kids in the area. It took them months to investigate and nab the person that concluded the complete mystery.

  • Flashback:  A man named Awdesh took loan from his neighbour, Amrit Lal, to open up a shoe shop. But much to Avdesh’s misfortune, fire guzzles up his shop, leaving him helpless, dejected and trapped in credit 

  • Vinay Mishra, Avdesh’s very close friend and a Bank Manager by profession helps him clear his loan as well as gets him insurance. 

  • But, this doesn’t solve Avdesh’s financial problem as he is still is burdened by the loan. Dharam, takes him to a ‘baba’ who advices him a ‘solution’ to his problems. 

  • Who was Dharam? Dharam had once come to Avdesh’s shop to buy a shoe. He demanded a white leather shoe and offered to pay extra if he got them in a day’s time. Curious Avdesh pestered him to reveal the desperation behind the white coloured shoe.

  • Avdesh, along with Dharam met the Tantrik baba along with another devotee, Dimpy, who worked as a compounder in Dr. Shiv Shankar.

  • Tantrik baba took advantage of Avdesh’s vulnerability and suggested him to sacrifice the ‘pure blood’ of small children in order to get over from the pool of debt and end all his problems.

  • Avdesh got influenced by baba’s fake claims and kidnapped his dear friend, Bank Manager, Vinay Mishra and killed him.

  • Research has proved that superstition is nothing but a partial reinforcement act that roots from the following three conditions 1. Wish to control/ possess everything.  2. To get over the feeling of helplessness 3. Depending on any false notion when failed to get a solution of life’s problems.

  • Avdesh fell into the third category. He conspired with Dimpy and abducted Dr. Shiv Shankar’s kid for the sacrifice.

  • Police noticed the same pattern in the way the kids were killed, yet was unable to get to any conclusion.

  • Meanwhile, another murder happened in the locality. This time it was Avdesh’s neighbour , Amrit Lal Mathur, who had been pestering Avdesh to return his money.

  • Police was puzzled and while solving the mystery got the missing link in the murders.

  • Just when Avdesh was about to kill the third kid, police nabbed him with his allies- Dimpy, Dharam and Tantrik Baba.

  • According to the statistics, in the year 2010, there have been 10,670 cases of abduction and 1408 cases of murders registered against kids. In maximum cases, the reason couldn’t be found.

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