Recap:Grand Finale of SurKshetra

 December 31st, 2012

  • Ayesha Takia kicked off the proceedings of the truly grand Finale of SurKshetra. Captains Himesh and Atif came to the stage with the 4 finalists. Both the Captains were aware of what was at stake, and they expressed confidence that their country would win.

  • Apart from the 3 singing legends that make up the jury, Asha Bhosle, Runa Laila and Abida Parvee, four of the guest judges also made an appearance, completing the 'sapt sur' of judges.

  • The four finalists-Yashraaj, Diljaan, Mulazim and Nabeel, sang 'All The Best' in a joint performance. Maybe they wanted to wish themselves luck before the big fight? Watch the performance here.

  • The final battle could happen only between two singers, so Mulazim and Nabeel had to compete with each other to ensure a place in the finals. Mulazim sang 'Teri Deewani' and Nabeel sang the equally soulful 'Abhi Mujh Main Kahin'. The jury found Nabeel's performance better, and he found a place in the Grand Finale.

  • After this tough decision, Atif did a little something for his fans by singing 'Pehli Nazar'. He also went up to the crowds while singing, making the girls quite happy indeed. He ended by saying 'I love you' to the fans.

  • Team India too, needed a finalist and that was decided by a face off. Yashraaj sang 'Ankhiyan Nu Chain Na Aave' brilliantly, but it felt slightly short in front of Diljaan's performance. Ismail Darbar called Diljaan's performance the best in the episode, and Diljaan became India's answer to Nabeel.

  • Indian Captain then took the stage and showed why he is called a superhit machine. He sang some of his best songs from 'Main Jahan Rahoon' to 'Bodyguard' in an energetic medley. That sure lifted the finalists' spirits!  Watch the performance here!

  • The Grand Finale was not just a competition, but a celebration for music. And this was proved when the Indian and Pakistani ex-contestants came together to put up a spectacular performance.  Watch the performance here

  • Aman Trikha, Himesh's favourite in the competition, who has sung for 3 Bollywood movies since SurKshetra, won the Man of the Series award. And why not, which young singer can boast of singing such superhit songs in such a short time?

  • Finally, Diljaan and Nabeel had to face-off in 3 rounds- Classical, Western and Dance numbers. Both of them performed unbelievably, getting the audience on their feet in their final songs.

  • Ayesha Takia announced that the winner of SurKshetra was Nabeel and the Pakistani supporters erupted with joy! Nabeelw as presented with a brand new bike and the SurKshetra trophy, along with a special jacket with gold studs. With the most versatile singer in SurKshetra winning the trophy, this was definitely one show where music truly won! Watch Nabeel's journey here!

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