Recap: The killer mother-daughter duo case#Shaitaan

 January 8th, 2013

  • Committing crime in vulnerability and planning a crime as a habit are two dreadfully different things. What starts as a joke, sometimes becomes a habit and then an addiction. One such addiction turned into a series of cons and a blood curdling murder.

  • Lawyer Anita’s daughter Pinky, an MBBS student, was desperate to be an actress. After several failed attempts, she was finally told by one of the producers that she can be the lead actress if she arranges for one crore rupees.

  • Distressed Pinky shares her grief with Anita, who assured her that she could easily arrange for the amount. Anita, during her college days, had been a state level mimicry artist and a theatre actress. Disguised as Sardar Kartar Singh and other various characters they started conning people.

  • Soon the duo came down to Mumbai and started a bogus detective agency and hired people to kidnap the rich and famous doctors of the city and demanded ransom. 

  • Their confidence in crime increased to the level that they kidnaped a doctor, Anand Pradhan and demanded ransom from his wife. Anita, believed that her husband was actually kidnapped when Anita imitated Dr. Pradhan’s voice and spoke to his wife.

  • Under the fear of getting caught, the mother-daughter duo later murdered Dr. Pradhan brutally. To destroy the evidences they injected him with drugs, chopped off his body into several parts and threw them separately.

  • Mumbai Police was simultaneously investigating about various body parts that were found from different parts of the city. When these different parts were sent to the forensic labs, it was found out that they all belonged to the same body. 

  • After connecting all these incidents, Police came to a conclusion and caught hold of Anita and Pinky. They found several chemicals, witnesses and an evidences against them during the raid and investigation

  • The duo kept denying the charges and also outsmarted the narcosis test as they had trained themselves well in advance. It was because of the men Anita had hired, she and her daughter were proved to be guilty 

  • But, unfortunately the head of Dr. Pradhan’s body could not be found and the court was not able to charge them of the murder. But, the fight for justice is still on in the court between the mother-daughter duo and the deceased’s wife, Dr Aditi Pradhan. 

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