Recap: The final warriors are here! #SurKshetra Episode 24

 December 11th, 2012

  • The mood for competition was set at the start itself, with the 4 contenders singing 'Baar Baar Haan' from Lagaan, challenging each other for the race to the finalist chair! The theme of the day was 'Famous non-filmy songs from across the border'

  • Atif's favourite Nabeel came in first, fully armed with his romantic voice as he sang 'Iss Kadar Pyaar Hai'. Himesh and the jury felt that it wasn't Nabeel's best performance, but he still got a 30, because the jury felt he deserved another chance.Click here to watch Nabeel's performance 

  • Diljaan had to sing 'Ghoom Charakhra', which was right up his alley. The jury liked his performance so much that they not just gave him a perfect 30, but Abidaji also sang the song with him! That was quite an honour for Diljaan... Watch his touching performance here!

  • Nadeem, who has not been lucky with his marks or his performances till now, sang 'Jeena Hai Tere Liye'. His unlucky streak continued and he got a 10. Himesh, Runaji and Ashaji, were all of the opinion that he had hit a lot of bad notes. Watch Nadeem sing, here.

  • Since it was 'non-filmy day', Ayesha requested Ashaji to sing a song of her liking. And Ashaji, who has sung in most Indian languages, surprisingly chose a Bihari song to enthrall the audience. Epic moment! Watch Ashaji's performance here!

  • When Himesh had the choice between Aman and Yashraaj, Himesh chose Yashraaj, whose performance had all the singing tricks he could muster. But sadly, due to his lack of preparation, he got only a 20. Still enough marks for India to win! Watch Yashraaj's performance here.

  • Because of Pakistan's low score, Atif had to let go of low-scorer Nadeem, though he said that he was leaving the stage as a hero. Nadeem wished everybody all the best and left the stage forever.

  • Next, Himesh too, had a tough decision in front of him as he had to eliminate Aman from the Indian Surandaaz team. But he promised that he would make Aman sing for him as he was his personal favourite. Lucky Aman!

  • Then came Diljaan's turn to prove himself fit for the finalist's chair. He took the help of a harmonium's tunes as he sang for survival. Atif didn't like that he used the harmonium to get his tunes right, but the jury seemed pretty happy. Watch Diljaan's face-off performance!

  • After Nabeel's impressive face-off performance, the jury had a hard time deciding who to choose as the 5th finalist. The captains and Runaji staged a walkout, and there was a lot of disagreement about who was more deserving of the two.

  • After a lot of deliberation, the jury handed over the result to Ayesha. She announced that the finalist was -Nabeel! Nabeel was numb with happiness and the Pakistani team rushed to the stage to congratulate him.

  • Just as Nabeel was celebrating his win, Ayesha threw a googly and declared that not just Nabeel, but Diljaan, too had made it to the finals! The jury explained that since both of them were superb singers, they couldn't choose one. Congratulations Diljaan and Nabeel!

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