Recap: #SurKshetra Retro Episode 10

 October 17th, 2012

  • The theme was retro, and Atif set the mood with his touching 'Meri Duniya Main Tum Aayi' . We loved the way he sang, but couldn't help noticing that his singing style has started resembling a certain Mr. Reshammiya. The effect of company?

    Atif Aslam Episode 10
  • This was a truly funny moment. Atif complimented Ayesha on how beautiful she looked in a saree. Ayesha quipped that he looked great without draping a saree. On realizing her gaffe, Ayesha blushed and Atif laughed out loud.

    Atif and Ayesha Episode 10
  • Nabeel sang 'Chala Jaata Hoon' in his beautiful voice and impressed the jury and Captains alike. Runa Laila complained that everytime he sang well, she had to take the trouble of giving him a standing ovation. Cute! Even Himesh and Ashatai had only good words to say.Watch Nabeel's performance here! 

    Nabeel Shaukat Episode 10
  • India's Rockstar, Aman Trikha, made an unusual choice when he sang 'O Mere Dil Ke Chain'. Atif thought that this song wasn't suited to his voice but Himesh Reshammiya. Runa Laila found his sur very shaky and gave him a 0. But Asha and Abida disagreed, and Aman's score came up to 20, which caused Atif to say that Aman is pretty lucky.Watch his performance here.

    Aman Trikha Episode 10
  • Ameer Ali impressed Abida and Atif with his 'Inteha Ho Gayi'. Abida Parveen gave him a 10. But Runa Laila and Asha Bhosle gave him a 0 along with some not-so-good comments. Atif disagreed with Asha Bhosle and remarked that if Asha could give Aman a 10, even Ameer deserved a 10. This led to a disagreement between Atif and Himesh. Watch his performance here and decide for yourself! 

    Ameer Ali Episode 10
  • Himesh Reshammiya the pulled Pakistani musicians into the fray, asking them to swear on their instruments whether Ameer's performance was better or Aman's. After a lot of deliberation, the Pakistani musician decided that Ameer's performance was definitely  better.

    Pakistani Musician Episode 10
  • This being a retro episode, everyone was busy getting nostalgic. Himesh relived his childhood memories and sang 'John Jaani Janardan' for the audience. This is one of the few times that we have seen Himesh smiling on the show.

    Himesh Reshammiya Episode 10
  • Budhaditya, looking dapper in a white tuxedo, sang 'Jab Deep Jale Aana'. Atif said that he was looking very good but his performance was very bad. Asha Bhosle disagreed and said that he sang like Yesudas and gave him a 10. Runa Laila, too, was satisfied and gave him a 10. But Abida sided with Atif and gave him a 0.Watch his performance here! 

    Budhaditya Episode 10
  • Nadeem, the silent but deadly Pakistani contestant, sang 'Kuchh To Log Kahenge'. Runa Laila said that he changed the song a lot, and Asha Bhosle too, said that these changes made it a different song altogether. Just when Nadeem was getting tensed, he got a 10 from both of them. Abida too, gave him a 10!Watch his perfect performance here! 

    Nadeem Abbas Episode 10
  • Yashraaj Kapill, one of the most consistent Surandaaz, sang the energetic 'Gulabi Aankhen'. Runa Laila complimented him by saying that he proved his 'Shikaari' title and gave him a 10. Abidaji too, said that he did full justice to a difficult song and gave him a 10. Ashaji's compliments and score took his total to a Perfect 30Watch the Shikaari perform here. 

    Yashraaj Kapill Episode 10
  • Ayesha Takia brought out Asha Bhosle's nostalgic side by asking her about pre-partition India. Ashatai replied wonderfully that whenever a house is divided, one does feel bad. She also added that in India, all religions stay in everyone's heart. Even Runaji and Abidaji reiterated that the people of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh love each other. Now that's what we call neighbourly friendship!

    Asha Bhosle Episode 10
  • Mulazim made an attempt to go sing in softer tones with 'Agar Tum Na Hote'. While Atif liked his performance, Himesh commented that the song wasn't suited to his voice. Even the jury seemed to agree and said that his staccato voice couldn't handle the soft feel of the song, and gave him a collective 0. Did he deserve a 0? Watch the performance and decide. 

    Mulazim Hussain Episode 10
  • Indrani, looking every bit like a 70's popstar, sang a medley of 'Shaan Se' and  'Dum Maaro Dum'. Though the judges liked the first half, the second half was faulty and Indrani got a 0. Asha Bhosle even showed her how the song should be sung. Indrani, feeling guilty about letting her Captain down, broke down in tears.Watch Indrani's performance here

    Indrani Bhattacharjee Episode 10
  • Seeing Indrani cry, Himesh tried to cheer her up by asking her to sing ' Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai'. Atif Aslam even went up to her and consoled her. Ayesha Takia, too, in her own way tried to cheer her up. 

    Atif, Indrani and Ayesha Episode 10
  • The Indian contestants joined Indrani in singing 'Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai' to get her spirits up. And in a show of solidarity, even the Pakistani contestants and Atif joined in and sang along with her. Indrani looked considerably happy, and everyone got a taste of India-Pakistan friendship.

    Contestants Episode 10
  • Imraan Ali, who was everyone's favourite after his qawwali, sang 'Tere Mere Milan Ki Ye Raina'. Though he was appreciated by Captain Atif, Runa Laila and Asha Bhosle weren't too impressed. They gave him a 0 as her had faltered at many places. Abidaji, being placed in the hot seat, gave him a 10 and blamed the sound system for the bad sound.

    Imraan Ali Episode 10
  • At this point, India was just 10 points behind Pakistan and it all depended on Diljaan. He sang 'Chehra Hai Ya Chaand Khila Hai'. Runa Laila said that he won her heart with his performance, and gave him a 10. But Abida Parveen gave him a 0 and that levelled the score with Pakistan. Asha Bhosle liked his performance and her score of 10 put India firmly in the lead.

    Diljaan Episode 10
  • A proud Himesh came up to the team and presented them with the trophy. He chose Diljaan as the Indian contender for the finalist's chair against Pakistan's Nabeel. Let the best singer win!

    Himesh with the Indian Team episode 10

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