Recap: SurKshetra Episode 3

 September 17th, 2012

  • The 3rd episode began with a bang with the final 6 Pakistani contestants taking the stage with an energetic performance with a medley of the songs 'Pakistan Hai Humara' and 'Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar'. Their energy and competive spirit was infectious and had the audience asking for more.

  • The Indian contestants too, gave a fitting reply to their rivals by singing the popular anthem 'Chak De India'. Their energetic performance gave the audience a high and made them chant 'Once More!' for this superb first performance.

  • After the contestants' face off, came the captains' turn. Himesh and Atif came together on stage, joined by host Ayesha Takia, and both were basking in their teams' superb first performances. Himesh claimed that his 'Surandaaz' contestants were better, while Atif too, retorted that his 'Jaanbaaz' team was up for the challenge. Ayesha then had to step in and send both of them to their seats.

  • After the hot captains, came the cool judges. Playback singer Sapna Mukherjee introduced Abida Parveen, Runa Laila and Asha Bhosle to the stage. All three of them said that they were looking for a voice that would touch the heart and that it would indeed be a tough competition.

  • The first contestant that Atif called from his 'Jaanbaaz' team was Ameer Ali. Ameer sang the romantic 'Dil Ko Tum Se Pyaar Hua' and earned accolades from the jury. All the judges said that he has a very good voice and he sang well. Only Asha Bhosle reminded him that his 'antara' was not so perfect.

  • Ameer's performance also raised eyebrows of the judges as they objected to back up vocals being used during the song. The jury was unanimous in the view that back up vocals will not let them judge a singer effectively. Atif countered that it built up to the overall mood of the song. After much deliberation, they decided that back up vocals would not be used henceforth.

  • The first Surandaaz from the Indian team was Diljaan, whose 'Aavoni Saiyyon' performance impressed everyone and got a standing ovation from the jury itself. Ashatai said he was perfrct! Diljaan was moved to tears by this and in between his tears, said that this was a dream come true for him. You deserve all of it Diljaan!

  • One of Pakistan's stongest contestants, Sara Raza Khan, sang the very melodious 'Mere Dholna'. Abida Parveen, in particular, loved her performance and said that she is counted amongst the best singers. Ashaji said that she had a great voice but needed some work on her 'sur'. All these positive comments made Atif very proud indeed!

  • India's reply to Sara's performance was Aman Trikha. From his Rockstar mode in the first episode, he went into a romantic mode and sang 'I Love You' from Bodyguard. His style was appreaciated by everyone, and Ashaji quipped that she loved everything about the performance, except his hat! And Aman promptly removed the hat, amidst laughter.

  • Keeping the romantic mood alive was Nabeel Shaukat Ali. He sang 'Dekho Chand Aaya'. But apart from appreciation, he also got some criticism as Ashaji asked him to be confident, but not overconfident. Runa Laila also advised him to change his mike position. Atif Aslam, being the caring captain, asked him to keep all these things in mind the next time. 

  • The show saw a tense moment when Asha tai declared that India has always welcomed Pakistani artists with open arms and India loves them a lot. Atif retorted that even Pakistan respects Indian artists and if they come there, they would understand it. Abida Parveen, settled the matter when she said,"Indian artists stay alive in Pakistani people's hearts."

  • Yashraaj's entry was nothing if not eye-catching. His outfit made Asha Bhosle remark that he looked like a hunter, with Abida Parveen giggling in agreement. But when he sang 'Tu Maane Ya Na Maane Dildaara', all the attention went to his voice. The jury gave him a second chance to sing without music, and Yashraaj proved his 'Shikari' title in this chance. 

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