Recap: Savita Naik's Love Story #Shaitaan

 December 12th, 2012

  • This particular case is a strory of an agile mind who fell victim of gender bias and ended up killing her own family.

  • Savita Nayak was a school going girl from Nashik, in her mid-teens, who was shy and inconfident. She was often scolded by her parents for not scoring passing marks in school and the argument invariably ended on a very biased note that had she been a boy, it would have still been better.

  • Savita suffered from low self esteem as a result was always cautious about how people look at her. She had very self-low esteem and that is when her father took him to a coaching centre so that she could study under some guidance.

  • After attending few classes, savita did show great improvement in her grades but she started falling for her tutor, who took great advantage of her tender age and started encouraging the latent rebel inside Savita.

  • Savita's mother somehow had a hunch about her tutor's bad intentions and she did not approve of her going to his classes or him coming over to their house. And this made the matter worse!

  • After several days of staying apart, Savita in a desperate attmept to see her tutor, sneaked out of the house. As she shared her grief with him, he added fuel to that dangerous fire simmering inside Savita and cajoled her to poison her family.

  • Savita and her tutor, poison her faimy and then electrocute them in order to destroy evidence. To make the incidence look real, Savita herself consumed a little amount of poison.

  • Police suspected that it was a murder and not an accident when the reports showed that the victims had traces of Cynide in their body before they got electrocuted. What convinced them was Savita, who was the only survivor. Also, her tutor even came to the hospital to be by her side that confirmed the conspiracy.

  • After interrogation and after being grilled by the police, savita broke down and confessed her crime and agreed to be a witness against her tutor.

  • Savita was release but her tutor after getting arrested from his house was found with the robbed jwellery and awarded an eighteen year long imprisonment. Today in 2012, while he is still waiting for his release, nobody knows where Savita is!

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