Recap: Obsession claims life #Shaitaan

 January 2nd, 2013

  • Love is essential, Love is natural but when it turns into possessiveness and then to obsession, it becomes dangerous. One such obsessive lover ended up killing an innocent man in order to possess the girl he was madly in love with.

  • Lance Nayak- Satbir Rawat was an ex- army man. He had injured his leg during one of the wars and was dropped from the army.

  •   On his way back to Kota, his hometown in Rajasthan, he got into scuffle and thrashed two ruffians, who were trying to molest a girl, Sunita, in the bus.  

  • After the bus journey, Rawat offered to escort Sunita till her house. On the way, Rawat and Sunita exchanged pleasant smiles and signs of liking towards each-other.Both kept meeting each other and finally fell in love. 

  • But, Sunita got to see another side of his personality just after they got intimate as she kept insisting Rawat to get married. Rawat lost his cool and told her that he was madly in love with him and could not see anyone else with her and threatened to kill her if she ever did so. 

  •   Sunita believed his behaviour to be overprotective until she got the biggest shock of his life. Rawat’s wife and his son came banging on their door and after catching them in compromising state, theratened Rawat and assaulted Sunita.  

  • After that incident, Sunita started maintaining safe distance from Rawat which pricked his psyche and ego. He started stalking her and begged people to give him information about her whereabouts. His mental state was getting worse and he begged and pleaded people to show some mercy and share Sunita’s address. And, he finally managed to get it!

  • He clandestinely entered the house where Sunita worked and shot her employer as he tried to hide Snita's whereabouts.

  • Sunita got scared and finally decided to take Police’s help, who planned to trap him by asking Sunita to call him. As planned Sunita phoned him and asked him to meet her. Rawat was simmering with anger and violence, he agreed to met her, but with an intention of killing her. As soon as he started threatening her, Police arrested him.

  • Rawat was not a criminal but suffered from a psychological disorder of being obsessive about anything he loved and slipped into tunnel thoughts Anger, violence and posessiveness added to his mental imbalance. He is now serving a life imprisonment in Kota.

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