Recap: Madhu-RK Wedding

 August 13th, 2012

  • After Doctor's warning to pay the fees, Madhu is left with no option but to go to sets and meet RK

  • Padmini calls Madhu and tells her that some trust is paying all expenses of Malik's operation

  • Madhu realises that it is RK who has paid for Shamsher's treatment 

  • Madhu requests RK to let her go for 2 hours and promises to fulfill her side of promise after that, but he stops her.

  • He tells her that wedding will happen now only and asks Bittuji to call everyone and sends Madhu to change her clothes

  • Bana Baaja starts and Bittuji begins to dance

  • While Madhu is changing, RK prepares the Havan kund. He breaks a chair and adds the wooden pieces.

  • Everyone looks on as Madhu enters in a bridal attire

  • The marriage that started off with Chaar Phere has to have some crazy ups and downs. RK-Madhu are no ordinary couple, their constant fights and face-offs give a glimpse of something more.

  • Both now sit in the mandap and the pandit starts reciting the shlokas. Madhu looks dazed

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