Recap: Lala Khudiram Case #Shaitaan

 December 12th, 2012

  • This is a real case of a farmer in Uttar Pradesh who killed old people from his village on the pretext of having some divine powers.

  • According to hims, his gun talked to him and hinted towards killing of innocent farmers. This was out and out psychological case where Lal Khudiram had vengence against his villagers that developed into a drive to kill them brutually

  • Lala Khudiram's son knew that his father was behind the ghost murders but chose to seal his lips.

  • He murdered only the older villegers and during the night time, when they usually step out to do a round of their fields.

  • Khudiram had a grandson too, whom he used to pass on good tecahings from all the religious books, and none of the villagers could fathom that he was behind these brutual murders.

  • This angst against all the villagers was a result of humiliation from the villagers for a rape of a young girl for which he was not even responsible. 

  • Lala khudiram’s murder instincts are triggered from that same incident where he wants to take revenge. 

  • Watch the episode to uncover the mystery of the mass murders along with Uttar Pradesh Police. 

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