Recap: India gets its first finalist! #SurKshetra Episode 16

 December 6th, 2012

  • The episode began with the great news that Ashaji was back on the jury panel! Everyone had missed her and seemed glad to have her back. She also sang 'Ye Mera Dil' with all the contestants. Great comeback Ashaji! Watch Ashaji's performance here! 

  • Nadeem was the first from the Pakistani team who sang 'Chal Chal, Mere Sang Sang' in this Sukhwinder Vs. Rahat special. But only Ghulam Ali liked the performance, while the other 2 thought that he was besura in quite a few places.Score- 10/30 

  • After a perfect performance in the previous episode, Yashraaj again raised the bar with his 'Dil To Baccha Hai Ji'. All the three judges praised him to the hilt, calling it a superhit performance! Score-30/30

  • Nabeel sang 'Ramta Jogi' and got a standing ovation! The jury and the captains loved his performance, and unsurprisingly, he got a perfect 30! Watch his performance here!

  • Diljaan once again proved how big a threat he is for Pakistan when he sang 'Ajj Din Chadheya' and got all round praise. The jury, especially, loved that he did justice to a classical song.Click here to watch his performance! 

  • Ameer tried his best to bring 'Jalwa' into his performance, but failed and got only a 10 from Ghulam Ali Saheb. The other jury members thought that his singing was flat, and couldn't be forgiven. Watch his performance here.

  • Budhaditya, India's Bengal Tiger, sang 'Bol Na Halke Halke', which was perfrct for his romantic voice. And it got him a standing ovation, superb comments, and of course, a perfect 30! Watch his romantic performance here!

  • Imraan sang 'Laayi Vina Gayi' and his efforts were evident. But an unimpressed jury gave him a 10. But their verdict that he was a good singer but had just spoiled 1 performance were certainly reassuring. Watch his performance here!

  • Aman was back in form as he sang 'Jag Soona Soona Laage' and got a deserving standing ovation. Himesh came up on the stage and praised him and the jury joined him in his compliments for him. Even Atif appreciated his calibre, and Aman got a 30! Watch his mind-blowing performance here.

  • With India's clean sweep, Himesh had the opportunity to choose the Surtaaj of the day. And he chose Budhaditya as the Surtaaj of the day.

  • The jury unanimously chose Yashraaj as the the first Indian finalist. Ashaji even named him 'Ten'dulkar, as he had earned perfrct 10 scores everytime!

  • Atif had to take the tough decision of asking Ameer to leave as he was the weakest performer in the Pakistani camp. Everyone bid him a sad goodbye to Ameer, who was very sporting and even wished Yashraaj for the finals!

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