Recap: Group acts take over Semi Final 5

 November 5th, 2012

  • Semi Final 5 begaj with Semi Final 4 results. And the first to clear the finish line with whooping votes is Bivash Academy of Dance! Then it all came down to Ajit Singh and Acrobatic Boys and after a lot of thinking Acrobatic Boys got 2 out of 3 judges votes and made it to the Pre Finale!

  • Amardeep Singh Nath did a hip-hop mixed with robotics on the song 'Ishq wala Love' Karan commented that he never thought that such a dance routine can be set on his song and termed this performance as 'Amardeep wala dance'!

  • The judges then joined Amardeep on stage and danced on Radha from SOTY. Kirronji in full form!

  • Next came up the Diplav Cultural Dance Group who danced on Radha balancing a lot of props on head. The act in itself looked beautiful, as commented by the judges, but the props limited their dancing. Nevertheless, the judges were impressed and applauded them for pulling off such a balancing act! 

  • Just to see how difficult Diplav's balacning act can be, Farah herself tried balancing a pot on her hand and dance and she sure understood the hardship behind this performance! Hats off to the Diplav girls!

  • Then came the little boy with his beautfiul voice: Deepraj Rai. In his audition itself he won our hearts and Karan had commented then that 'iski awaaz mein Saraswati hai'. In this Semi Fina lperformance too he brought a new flavour to IGT stage and sang the Rajasthani song Kesariya Baalam. We are his fan already! 

  • Jai Hanuman Kala Manch have proven that if there's a will there's a way. If anyone wants to follow his/her dreams then there's no stopping. this group rehearse in a temple in night even after workign the whole day and that's commendeable. In Semi Fianl performance they did a dance-drama on Narsimha's story and it was an impactful performance.

  • Skeleton Dance Group presented yet another entertaining UV act. This time their story was based on a video game invloving two players and they played around with all the small special effects which made the act a lot more interesting. Full marks for the concept!

  • Last group to perforam were Nishan e Kkhals and yet again they played a dangerous Gutka. In many parts, the girls in the group did some serious stunts which could have harmed them but real bravery by those little ones we say. Our request to everyone, please DO NOT try this!

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