Recap: Ganpati Bappa in Madhubala

 October 6th, 2012

  • When Madhu makes a promise she definitely sticks to it. She promised RK's mother that she will bring Ganpati Bappa home and here she is!

  • Here's RK parivaar bringing in Ganpati Bappa with much fanfare, but RK seems to be missing

  • Oh here he is, but he doesn't seem to be happy.  Let us tell you why. When RK was a kid he used to be a big devout of Ganpati Bappa and used to participate in all festivities with his father. But once his father expired he lost all faith in Ganpati and stopped respecting the Lord. So now he is not too happy with Madhu.

  • But Madhu gets her way through and sends RK off by saying he anyway doesn't step out of his room in these 11 days and situates Ganpati Bappa in the house. Accidently some sindoor falls on RK's forehead and he seems perturbed by it.

  • First Ganpati aarti in RK Mansion

  • Madhu prays to Ganpati, especially for RK and asks Bappa to help him move on from his past. Aww!

  • Madhu takes the aarti plate and mauli to RK to tie on to him but he refuses. Madhu tells him that he has two options, to wear it and second to wear it. When he doesn't react, Madh uleaves the plate beside him and tells him to let her know when he decides.

  • Radhaji and Madhu make modaks together and share stories. Radhaji tells Madhu how RK as a kid used to love eating modak and he would sit with her and help her in making too. Even Madh ushared her childhood stories with her mother-in-law

  • Radhaji asks Deepali to help in making modaks. The latter rues about ruining her freshly painted nails but joins in the end. When she can't figure out how to make modaks, Radhaji asks her to learn from Madhu.

  • Where Deepali is busy making modaks, her husband Sikky is busy stealing money from Ganpati Bappa's plate. But Kukuji has some conscience and stops him on time and asks for forgiveness. We have started to like this father-son jodi. 

  • Deepali is in full mood to take revenge from Madhu for trying to take her place in the house. To put her into trouble she mixes garam masala in the modak.

  • Deepali stands with the garam masala mixed modaks and tells all guests that Madhu has made those with her own hands and she's the best at it. Sadly, Deepali doesn't know that there's another plate of modaks. Uh-oh!

  • Now both the plates are kept side by side and Deepali is perplexed as to which plate is the one with garam masala modaks. And on top of it Radhaji has asked them both to distribute modaks to guests. Yikes!

  • Deepali somehow manages to find which plate contains the mixed modaks and marks it for herself. While she's smriking about her plan, she doesn't realise that the waiter has once again exchanged the plates. Bad luck Deepali!

  • Eventually Deepali ends up serving from the wrong plate and once gets humiliated in front of everyone and Madh ugets all the praises. As they say, 'as you sow, so shall you reap'

  • While all this is happening downstairs, RK is lost in memories about his childhood with hsi father Of how he used to celebrate Ganpati every year with his father and eat al lthe modaks. Looking at the aarti plate left by Madhu he feels tortured and confused.

  • Madhu comes up to offer modaks to RK and asks him to join everyone for dinner. He in his non-chalant style refuses to listen. She leaves the plate and tells him that if he's not scared of Bappa  then he will come.

  • RK does come down for dinner but he gets his own food. Mutton Seekh Kebab. And to upset everyone he goesahead and offers it to Ganpati Bappa.

  • Madhu is the first one to step up and stop RK from committing such a blasphemy. She telle him to stop all this nonsense and not to insult God like this.

  • Radhaji is deeply hurt by RK's actions and Deeplai adds soem fuel to the fire. But Madhu handles the situation and consoles Radhaji that RK will change, just to keep some faith

  • RK goes back to hsi room and is very disturbed by al lthat's happening. he opens a bottle to drink but is not able to and keeps thinking about his past.

  • Finally RK goes in front of Ganpati and questions him as to why should he worship him? Where was he when his father went ot commit suicide? Why didn't he stop him? Why didn't he tell RK about it? He declares he has lost total faith in Bapap as he didn't help him when actually needed.

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