Recap: Day-1 #BiggBoss6

 October 9th, 2012

  • Salamn Khan locks the housemates inside and the show begins NOW!

  • First day, first show Bigg Boss welcomes all the housemates and wishes them a happy stay in the house. On the first day itself, housemates are asked to choose a partner and be divided into pairs.

  • The game begins now Housemates pair-up ramdomly and seven pairs are formed.

  • Blessing in disguise Since there are 15 contestants in the house, and Niketan is singled out, Bigg Boss plays his first game. Niketan is declared as the first weekly-captain of the season.  As per the rule, he gets to sleep in the exclusive, captain's bedroom and is exempted from doing any kind of daily chores in the house.

  • First night blues Considering their late admission in the house, housemates are allowed to sleep a little more than usual.

  • New place new feelings- Delnaaz gets emotional on the first day itself. Looks like Bigg Boss' conspioracy of bringing her ex-husband Rajeev has started working already.

  • Lonliness strikes Prompted by Rajeev Paul, who notices Delnaaz's tears, Aashka hugs her.

  • Love never dies Ex-spouses, Rajeev and Delnaaz indulge into a conversation. Even after Rajeev's attempts, Delnaaz shows least ineterst about his concerns. Click now to see Rajeev & Delnaaz's tiff in the Bigg Boss' house

  • Clean bowled Sidhu was busy exchanging gyaan with the housemates, when Bigg Boss, in his wittiest best, tells him to wear the microphone and share his knowledge with the audience as well

  • Siddhuism begins Common man Kashif and Siddhu exchange some sher-o-shayari.  

  • Baal ki Khaal Annoyed Vrajesh warns the housemates to clean the bathroom in his own witty and humourous way. His concern is the dirty bunch of hair strands scattered inside the bathroom.

  • Captain breaks the fast Housemates cook and feed the captain before eating the first meal of the day. 

  • Raajneeti begins Activist Sampat Pal cajoles the females of the house to pay less attention towards cleaning the house and discuss issues concerning women.

  • Nominations begin Bigg Boss calls instructs the housemates to gather in the living room and reveals the twist in the nomination process. Niketan being the Captain is kept out of the process, while rest of the jodis are asked to nominate not one person but one Jodi.

  • Common man files his nomination Vrajesh-Kashif is the first pair to be called inside the confession room.  Click here to see the nominations of the week.

  • The witness Radhey is present in the confession room to monitor the process of nominations.

  • Further to nominations Captain is given a special letter to announce that, out of the three nominated jodis, only two will be finally nominated. A special dance performance by each pair will decide who amongst the three, will not be nominated and captain will decide who gets to stay.

  • Nominated Jodi No. 1 Sapna and Karishma

  • Nominated Jodi No. 2 Aseem and Dinesh 

  • Nominated Jodi No. 3 Sana and Sampat

  • I am not a nautanki For the tie breaker round, Sapna pushes Karishma to give the dance performance from their team.

  • Best foot forward: Sana Khan grooved on 'Aa aa e' 

  • Go Sana go... Sampat enjoyed her jodidaar, Sana Khna's performance and cheered for her.

  • Bihar ke laala... Dinesh Yadav a.k.a Nirahua, showed some Bhojpuri moves on 'Cheel Cheel Chillake'

  • Less is more Karishma showed some delicate moves as she danced on ' Sar jo tera chakraye'

  • And the safe jodi is... Niketan announced the winner of the tie breaker and Sana & Sampat were declared safe by Bigg Boss.   Click here for more

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