Recap: Captain's Challenge Special #Sur Kshetra Episode 27 Recap

 December 19th, 2012

  • The theme of the 27th Episode was 'Captains' Challenge'. Each of the captains would give the rival contestants a song that would force the singers out of their comfort zone. Both the captains were confident that the young singers would sing the most difficult of songs too!

  • After Mahesh Bhatt in the previous episode, it was veteran director Rajkumar Santoshi's turn to grace the guest's chair. He aptly compared SurKshetra to a nail biting Indo-Pak cricket match, and wished all the contestants all the best.

  • Sara Raza Khan was challenged to sing 'Seekho Na', a Shubha Mudgal song. Though the captains and the jury applauded the effort, Sara got only a 10 from Abidaji, as the other judges felt that her performance was inconsistent. Watch Sara's performance here!

  • Diljaan had to go way out of his comfort zone when Atif challenged him to sing the romantic 'Julie' title track. Diljaan gave it his own twist by singing 'Haaye Love You', which gave everyone quite a good laugh! Nevertheless, he succeeded in getting a Perfect 30! Watch Diljaan's interesting performance here!

  • Rajkumar Santoshi, too, was soon bitten by the singing bug and when Himesh asked him to sing  he happily obliged and hummed a few lines, much to everyone's delight.

  • Considering Nabeel's talent, Himesh gave him a particularly difficult song, 'Ye Din Kya Aaye'. Nabeel found it difficult, but still managed to sing the song. Not just that, the jury heaped praise on him, calling him an extraordinary singer. And gave him a perfect score! Watch Nabeel's performance here.

  • Yashraaj sang 'Main Hoon Jhumroo' at Atif's behest, and what a performance it was! The jury and Himesh rose to their feet and applauded, and even Atif found his performance unbelievable. He got the biggest compliment from Runaji, who said that he was blessed by Kishore Kumar. Missed Yashraaj's performance? Watch it here!

  • Mulazim took a break from his energetic style as he sang 'Zindagi Ka Safar'. But sadly, the song wasn't suited to his staccato voice. The judges remarked that he could've done better, and only Abidaji liked his singing enough to give him a 10. Watch Mulazim's brave attempt here.

  • Budhaditya sang 'Vande Mataram', and touched everyone's hearts when he thanked Atif for giving him the chance to say Vande Mataram 16 times. But his performance caused a rift between Atif and Asha, as Asha loved the performance, and Atif didn't. Budha ended up scoring a 10. Watch Budha's patriotic performance here!

  • When the time came to choose the 'Singer of the Day', the judges sprung a surprise by choosing both Yashraaj and Nabeel for their brilliant show of talent. That left both the captains very happy, and Yashraaj and Nabeel with 5 bonus points each!

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