Recap: Battle of variations! #SurKshetra Episode 25

 December 12th, 2012

  • The episode began with the introduction of the 6 newly minted finalists by Ayesha Takia. All of them said that they were very happy to represent their country in the musical battle.

  • Sahir Ali Bagga, the man behind 'Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki', took to the stage and enthralled the audience with his hit song. Watch the performance here!

  • The next guest to enter was hit-maker Mika who got the audience on its feet by singing a medley of his hit songs and paying a tribute to Atif and Himesh by singing their songs too. This is one performance you can't miss! Watch Mika in action here!

  • Ayesha announced that the theme of the day would be variations where one singer would sing the original and the partner would give the variations. First up were Diljaan and Yashraaj, and the jury loved Diljaan's heartfelt performance, and gave him a 30! Watch the jugalbandi here!

  • Sara Raza Khan gave the variations with her partner Mulazm but her song failed to make an impression as she got only a 10 from Abida Parveen. The jury and Himesh said that they loved her voice, but today was just not her day. Watch the performance here.

  • The Bengal Tiger Budhaditya and Shikari Yashraaj sang 'Laaga Chunari Main Daag'. But Budha's performance was universally panned by the jury and captains and Budha got a 0. Ashaji even went to the extent of asking if the finalist chair had make him overconfident! Watch the performance and decide for yourself.

  • After a couple of bad performances, Mulazim saved the day with a brilliant performance with Nabeel. They got a standing ovation and superlative comments, and needless to say, Mulazim got a Perfect 30! Watch the awesome performance here!

  • Yashraaj proved once again that he was a true hunter as he sang 'Om Namah Shivay' with Budhaditya. The jury was unanimous in declaring that the performance was perfect and gave him a Perfect 30!  Missed Yashraaj's performance? Watch it here!

  • Pakistan's hit jodi took the stage again to sing 'Meri Saanson Main Basa Hai'. But they weren't lucky enough this time as Nabeel managed to notch up only a 20. Ashaji was of the opinion that Nabeel didn't give his best, and hence the score of 0 from her side. Watch Nabeel sing here.

  • There was a tense moment during the show when the Pakistani team claimed that they were not briefed well before the show and that was the cause of their low scores.Both Captains defended their team, and were calmed down by the creatives.

  • After a lot of deliberation, Diljaan was awarded the 'Singer of the Day'. This was the highlight for the Indian contestants, though all the contestants went away happy because of Mika's 100-dollar cash prize to everyone!

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