Recap: Anandi-Jagya come face to face

 September 17th, 2012

  • Jagya makes up his mind that he wil lask forgiveness from anandi and heads towards her school to meet her

  • There Anandi leaves from school and meets Choti Ma outside who offers to drop her to the temple

  • Jagya sees Anandi getting into the car with Choti Ma. He tries to run behind but then catches a cycle rickshaw and asks the rider to follow the car

  • At the Singh haveli, Bhairon is trying to explain to Dadisa that he doesn't want to see Jgya ever again. He asks her to not be so soft on him because if he realises that he has chance with her, the former wil ltry to take advantage of it and wil lsue it to get back in the family

  • Bhaisa takes Bhairon out and tells him to be calm with Dadisa and to understand that Jagya is her grandson and she loves him the most so its obvious that she would pity on his condition. Bhairon listens to his big brother and accepts it.

  • Dadisa thinks about meeting Jagya in hospital when he begged her for forgiveness. She thinks that only if he would have come back a little earlier everything could have been gotten better. Then suddenly she realises what she was about to think and hwo coudl she ignroe the pain Anandi had to go through because of the same Jagya. She asks God to forgive her for even thinking such a thing

  • Then suddenly Dadisa remembers that she has to meet anandi in temple, she asks Bhairon to drop her. They all decide to pay visit to the temple along with Dadisa.

  • There Choti Ma and Anandi reach the temple,. She gets off the car and is about to head inside when Choti Ma stops her and tells her they need to talk

  • Choti Ma starts off by saying that she doesn't want her Shiv to get hurt by Anandi. When Anandi says tha tshe hasn't doen anything to hurt "Collecter Sahab" Choti Ma asks her why she is acting as if she doesn't know anything. When Anandi explaisn that she really doesn't have any idea what's going on, Choti Ma reveals that when the whoel Jaitsar knows that Jagya is back how can she be unaware? Anandi is shocked ot hear this! 

  • Anandi then tries to explain that Jagya is her past and Shiv her present and future. Whatever happens wshe will never intentionally hurt Shiv. Choti Ma tells her that even if tomorrow she gets married to Shiv wil lshe be able to forget Jagya completely? Will she able to erase hsi memory from her mind? She requests Anandi to think about her deciison as there's still tiem and she doesn't want Anandi's one hasty decision to affect Shiv's life and future. 

  • After Choti Ma leaves, Anandi enters the temple. With folded hands she cries in front of God and wonders why nobody informed her about Jagya.

  • Jagya has now reached the temple and sees Anandi standign inside. He calls out her name, Anandi is shocked to see Jagay there and in such a condition. Will Anandi forgive Jagya and give him another chance? Watch tonight's episode to find out!

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