Rajev and Delnaaz's biggest fight yet!#Day 61, Recap

 December 8th, 2012

  • Salman Khan entered the stage on the catchy tunes on 'Love Me Love Me'. He sure looked fitter than ever, and can we say, interesting choice of outfit?

  • At the very outset, Salman reduced some tension of the multiple eviction by declaring that Urvashi was safe...Phew!

  • Salman then quizzed Imam about his hygiene issues and asked Dinesh about having a 'Heart of Gold'. He also declared Dinesh to be safe.

  • After teasing Santosh about his flirty ways, Salman showed the audience how Aashka was angry with Santosh for spreading rumours about their closeness. Aashka even demonstrated a kiss on Dinesh to dispel gossip about her kissing him in padosi house!

  • This is the cutest picture we've seen in a while. Niketan hugged Sapna and picked her up after she became Captain. Most of the housemates voted for her because she was pitted against Imam, but nevertheless, she won by a whopping margin of 12-2!

  • Vishal was the only one apart from Sapna who voted for Imam. When Salman quizzed him about his reasons, he replied that he was no longer Sapna's in-house boyfriend and so he voted for Imam

  • There seems no end in sight to Santosh's romance. After prose, he turned to songs to serenade his new lady love Karishma! Karishma too, replied in song, saying that his wish will never be fulfilled.

  • No no..nothing is wrong with Salman. He's just lying down to recreate the scene where Vishal told Santosh that Karishma was out of his league. This had the housemates in splits, and we love how Salman cut Santosh down to size with his taunts! Watch it here!

  • After all this teasing about Santosh, Salman finally gave Karishma some reason for cheer when he announced that she was safe....Yayy!

  • The caller of the week questioned Sapna about calling Vishal a 'loser' constantly. Sapna replied that it was due to him not being interested in any of the tasks. 

  • When Salman probed Rajev about Bakhtiyaar's mud-slinging on him, Rajev lost it and started talking about how Bakhtiyaar was wrong in exposing personal matters on national television. When Delnaaz tried to defend her brother, things escalated into a tamasha in front of Salman!

  • After a lot of washing dirty linen in public, Salman finally put and end to it and told Rajev not to rake up the past and move on in his life as Delnaaz had. An ashamed Rajev apologized, which caused Delnaaz to break down.

  • After a lot of suspense, Salman announced that the first housemate to be evicted this week would be Vrajesh. Vrajesh was a little too happy when he marched out of the house. After all, it is his second exit! 

  • After Vrajesh's exit, Salman declared that Rajev was the next to be evicted. No no, just kidding. Mink was evicted and she happily joined Vrajesh on stage with Salman.

  • When Salman had the stage all to himself, he announced that he would be back with Mink and Vrajesh on Saturday. But as a bonus, Akshay Kumar would join him in the Saturday fun. We can't wait!

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