Pati, Patni aur Woh in Bigg Boss

 January 8th, 2013

  • The biggest reality show in India has turned into a soap-opera. Thanks to Raju, Delu and Sana ma’am, who never fail to give mushy-masala to our audience. Let’s take a look at ‘kahaani ab tak ki’ of this love triangle!

    The love triangle!
  • ince the launch of the show, the ex- pati-patni duo of Delnaaz and Rajev have been the talk of the show Rajev from day one itself started chasing his ex-wife and tried convincing everyone that he still loved her. Remember, how he complimented her by saying, “Delu, this is my favourite salwar kameez of yours!”

    Tera peecha na main chhodunga soniye!
  • While Delnaz, did enjoy this importance, she kept insisting that Rajev was nothing more than her co-contestant on the show and that she had moved on in life. 

    Just a co-contestant?
  • Rajev expressed his feelings for Delnaaz quite openly and Sidhu became his friend, philosopher, guide and a confidante. He assured Rajev that by the end of the show, they will get back together.

    Sidhu the saviour!
  • All the women in the house started getting uncomfortable with Rajev’s touchy-feely behaviour, his unnecessary shouting and the way he irritated Delnaaz with his comments. 

    Despo wala chep!
  • To ward Rajev off, Delnaaz strated flirting around with Sapna’s Aseem Bhaiyya making Rajev even more desperate.

    Delu ka naya hero!
  • Meanwhile, Sana, who considered Karishma to be her friend was just recuperating from the betrayal in friendship and got closer Delnaaz and Aashka.

    Dosti mein daraar!
  • Unaware of how his image had become in the house, Rajev started growing closer to Niketan and Sana as a ‘friend’!

    It’s only after Vishal arrived in the house, Rajev, who considered himself as the only man in the house, started feeling insecure and started spending more time with Sana. So much so that he confessed his admiration for the beautiful model by calling her ‘Kastoori Mrig!’

    The Kastoori Mrig!
  • Things took a twist when, Delnaaz’s brother Bakhtiyaar came on the show and lambasted Rajev for his bad intentions towards other females in the house. And, when this wasn’t enough for the Irani’s, Delnaaz’s mother also came in the show and ripped Rajev’s character apart. 

    Meri behen ye, merei behen wo!
  • Delnaaz in order to do the damage control changed her approach towards Rajev and Sana’s so called friendship. But, Bigg Boss threw another googly, and during the ‘Sach ka bolbala’ task Rajev accepted that he was attracted to Sana. This made Sana, Delnaaz and Vishal a little uncomfortable.

    Vishal and Rajev try to woo Sana
  • But Delnaaz changed her statement yet again and was seen discussing Rajev and Sana’s relationship with Niketan.

    Rajev is a fool!
  • And now when there was just a week to go for the finale- the ‘Sana, Delnaaz, Rajev’ trio looks more than comfortable together. Delnaaz was even seen telling Sana to stop feeling bad about the link-up as this is going to get them publicity. The three were even seen cozing up in one bed outside the house.

    Publicity ke liye kuch bhi karega!
  • No matter if they win or lose the trio is certainly the winner of the real life soap opera on a reality TV. Guys, put your hands together for the ‘Pati Patni aur Woh’!

    Hum saath saath hain!

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