Pakistan on the danger meter #SurKshetra

 September 18th, 2012

Ameer Ali. His 'Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua' was well appreciated by the judges. He was also asked to be confident. Himesh Reshammiya gave him an above average score of 6 on 10 on the danger meter.

Nabeel's performance of 'Dekho Chand Aaya' failed to impress Indian Captain Himesh Reshammiya. Himesh gave him a score of 5 and a half on 10 on the danger meter. Not very threatening, in our opinion. 

Himesh and Atif. When Mulazim came up on the stage and sang Bheege Honth, Atif expected Himesh to score him low on the danger meter. But Himesh gave him a decent 6 on 10 on the danger meter, which surprised Atif.

Nadeem Abbas is Atif's favourite Jaanbaaz. But he did not live up to his reputation in his performance of 'Bin Tere'. Himesh Reshammiya found some faults in his performance, and gave Nadeem a not-so-good score of 5 on 10 on the danger meter. A big disappointment for Captain Atif.


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