Out of sight, not out of mind! #Madhubala

 February 19th, 2013

  • For the past week we have witnessed some major twists in Madhubala and it has been hard on us to see RK discard Madhu like that from his life. But even though Madhu has been openly grieving from this lost marriage, it is RK who seems to have some problem getting over this so-called fake relationship. Following the break up, many a time we found him lost in his Biwi’s memories. Does this mean that RK still has some feelings for Madhu or is it too much for him to accept Madhu’s absence? Our mind is boggling with so many questions! For now, let’s relive those beautiful memories of our filmy couple which even RK is not ready to let go.

  • The night RK conveniently ditched Madhu our poor heroine couldn’t sleep for even a second. She kept replaying those moments spent with RK and suddenly the reality of the situation dawned on her and she broke down with his name. As soon as she had even uttered RK, he got up from his sleep feeling Madhu’s pain, of course telepathically.  That was a first sign to RK’s unknown feelings.

  • Next, we saw him waking up in the morning and calling out for his Biwi! Obviously, Madhu wasn’t present there to reply to his whims but the realty did shake RK to his core and he woke up feeling rather uneasy. Watch this sequence here!

  • While as a Superstar, RK has to do many romantic scenes with his heroines, but now when he was asked to do the same thing, he went into flashback and remembered the night he brought Madhu to the sets and together they had some heart-rending moments. Remember the first time RK asked Madhu for a dance and instead of a romantic song, the radio played Daadi Amma? Watch this moment right here.

  • When a reporter approached RK for an interview for Valentine's and offered a rose from a fan, RK went into delirium and remembered the moments when Madhu had given him a rose and confessed to be his biggest fan. Well, gone are those days and how badly we miss them! Watch here to relive those beautfiul moments.

  • RK-Madhu may have decided to move on but it surely isn’t going to be so easy for them. Even small things like a song on a radio takes these two estranged lovers back into time. Similar case happened when after snubbing Madhu on the sets, RK sat down to drink and Baahon Ke Darmiyan song started playing on radio. He immediately started reminiscing the time when he slow danced on this song with Madhu and picked her up in his arms. While RK feels tortured by these memories, it does raise hopes in our hearts that one day this couple will reunite and we will get to witness their affable romance on-screen!

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