Nominations Special# Day 49, Recap

 November 27th, 2012

  • Nothing can get funnier than this! While Bigg Boss announced a weekly prize of Rs. 5 Lakh for the housemates, yesterday's announcement left both the housematesa and their neighbours in splits as none onf the housemate could qualify for the prize money!

  • Housemates curiously wait for the announcement of the nomination process

  • Although being the Captain, Karishma was safe from the nominations but her position was in jeopardy as Bigg Boss asked her to choose five housemates for the eviction in an open nomination.

  • Karishma nominated Rajev, Delnaz, Vishal, Sana and Urvashi and mentioned that there wasn't any concrete reason to nominate any one of them. 

  • Padosi ghar members look tensed and concerned about the nominations too...

  • Aashka and Santosh were seen sharing some concerns as he tried to assure her that he will not tolerate anything if Imam messes with her again! Is Anand...oops, Rohit noticing?

  • Sapna read out Bigg Boss' message wherein the housemates were givin the new Luxury Budget task.

  • Yes, the new Luxury Budget task divided the housemates into Angels and Demons and gave yet another challenge to the housemates to win it!

  • Meet the Angels of the house- Delnaaz, Rajev, Karishma and Vishal. They have to walk on the path of honesty, be patient and righteous in their actions

  • And the Satans are- Niketan, Sapna, Sana, Urvashi and Mink

  • Demons take their task seriously and create a havoc in the house, while the angels try hard to be calm

  • Amgel Vishal felt offended and irritated when Demon Niketan splashed water on him

  • Angels pray collectively asking for strength

  • ... Urvashi tries to tell the world that Delnaaz ain't no Angel as she is fake!

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