Nominations mein twist! #Recap Nominations Week 10

 December 10th, 2012

  • As Sapna is the Captain, bigg Boss entrusts her with the responsibility fo conducting the nominations in the garden area.

  • Contestant: Niketan

    Nominated: Vishal and Santosh

    Why: For Vishal he thinks he doesn't take interest in luxury budget task which affects them overall. Considering Santosh's probelm falling and out of love, Niketan thinks he's making a few girls feel uncomfortable in the House

  • Contestant: Aashka

    Nominated: Urvashi and Imam

    Why: She thinks Urvashi hasn't shown her real side yet and hasn't tried to med relations with her. With what ever happened with Imam in Padosi Ghar, Aashka hasn't been able to forgive him yet hence nominated him

  • Contestant: Nirahua

    Nominated: Imam and Aashka

    Why: Everytime he thought Imam is getting better, the latter did something to piss off others and Imam seems to have a problem sticking to his words. For Aashka he felt that she over reacts in certain situations which is not at all necessary

  • Contestant: Karishma

    Nominated: Sana and Imam

    Why: Karishma felt bad that Sana spoke bad aout her behind her and said she's here to gain sympathy. For Imam, no personal reasons but if he's here to play the game so bring on!

  • Contestant: Rajev

    Nominated: Vishal and Karishma

    Why: He didn't liek that Vishal blamed him for filling Sana's ears. Karsiham has voted against him twice without any reason and he felt bad about it hence is nominating her.

  • Contestant: Imam

    Nominated: Nirahua and Rajev

    Why: Imam thinks Nirahua is a boring a personailty and doesn't give out any positive energy. With Rajev snapping at him at every chance, Imam thinks he's trying to show him down and feels unpleasant to have such a person around him.

  • Contestant: Urvashi

    Nominated: Delnaaz and Aashka

    Why: She feels that Delnaaz still doesn't understand what's right and what's wrong and takes a stand for al lthe wrong reasons. Aashka, she feels, has trusting issues, finds a problem in everyone.

  • Contestant: Santosh

    Nominated: Rajev and Niketan

    Why: Since Santosh has entered the House Rajev has made him feel unwelcomed and he thinks he fights with Imam just to get footage. For Niketan his reason was that he doesn't work whole heartedly in task and has a very low energy.

  • Contestant: Sana

    Nominated: Urvashi and Karishma

    Why: With both she isn't on proper talking terms and would like to be with people in this House who talk to her, hence nominated these two.

  • Contestant: Vishal

    Nominated: Niketan and Rajev

    Why; He thinks Niketan is hiding behind girls and playing his game, if he wants to play should come out like a man and show his game. In rajev's case he felt bad that despite being his friend, Rajev tried to instigate Sana against him

  • Contestant: Delnaaz

    Nominated: Urvashi and Rajev

    Why: Urvashi made her fun of her emotions by mimicking her on National TV and that really hurt Delnaaz. And finally after 10 weeks she nominated Rajev considering the fight that occured in front of Salman where she felt he insulted her and didn't think about her reputation.

  • After the nominations were over, Bigg Boss announced that the housemates with the least votes were in danger putting up Sana, Nirahua, Santosh and Delnaaz for this week's nominations! Bigg Boss and his twists we tell you!

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