New Captain, New Housemates #Day 46 Recap

 November 23rd, 2012

  • The entire day the housemates are seen discussing captain nominations, when Rajev goes up to Vrajesh to talk about the same and the two crack up thinking they can just sit and enjoy others fighting out for the spot

    Captaincy discussion is on!
  • After the luxury budget shopping, Bigg Boss announces that Vishal and Karishma will not get to consume any of it since they were nominated by the contestants as non-performers during the task. How disappointing!

    All efforts go to waste!
  • Klarishma Kotak is the first one to put in ther name for Captaincy. Her reason being that she hasn't got a single chance yet to take u pthsi position

    and the first contender is...
  • Delnaaz! yes, she wants to try again for Captaincy as it's been a long time and she wants to take charge of the kitchen

    and the second contender is...
  • Niketan takes up the last spot in contenders for Captaincy. His reason simply being that he he gets a good sleep in the Captain's room!

    And the final contender is...
  • Urvashi can't seem to understand what Dellu meant by taking charge of kitchen. Probably wants to remove her? According to her, Dellu can't manage being awake in any of the nightly tasks and that proves she isn't a good captain

    Urvashi's bitching session
  • Post the captain nominations, everyone in the house questions Vishal about why he did not nominate himself to which he replies that he was doing it all since he had made a promise to Karishma and hence was just standing by his word.

    Vishal stands by his words
  • Niketan comes and tells his new friends Urvashi, Mink and Karisham about Vishal's sacrifice in Captaincy nominations and he thinks its too much.

    Niketan talks to his
  • On hearing about Vishal's decision to step back, Karishma goes and confronts him about the same. Vishal seemed to be okay with hsi choice and assures Karishma that he's fine

    Karishma feels guilty
  • Karishma and Niketan have an argument since Niketan thinks that for the past few days Karishma has been behaving weirdly. He thinks that she listens to him and then goes out and talks about it to others. Karishma tries clearing it but all in vain.

    huge argument arises...
  • After a much prolonged decision, finally the captaincy nominations took place and out of the three contenders - Delnaaz, Karishma and Niketan, Karishma won the spot with 6 votes!

    New Captain in the house
  • Rajev and Vishal feel that Vrajesh cannot be anyone's true friend and this nomination too has put his loyalty into question. Vishal seems to be really perturbed by Vrajesh's habit and expresses this to Rajev.

    Post-nomination discussion
  • Sanotsh Shukla, known for his popular roles on TV, entered the Padosi House and gave the two residents a shock.

    New Wild Card Entry!
  • Santosh finally settles down in his new House and three sit and talk about what's been happening outside. Santosh praises Aashka for protraying a strong character and how she kept her calm in front of Imam. But he did have a probelm with Nirahua as he didn't stand up for the lady in the House when Imam did all his crazy antics 

    The guest settles down
  • One Wild Card entry had just settled in that the other one also made her entry. Jyoti Amge, a 19 year old girl, entered the padosi House. She's the world's Shortest Woman and has been recognised by Guiness World book of Records. Padosi housemates were excited to see her in the Store Room and Bigg Boss gave Aashka and Nirahua the responsibility to take care of her   

    And the other one also arrives!
  • While Showing around the house to Jyoti, Aashka felt overwhelmed and cried her heart out. Jyoti tried to make her laugh and that was too cute. Aashka then later thanked Bigg Boss for giving her such a great opportunity

    Cry Fest begins!
  • Housemates get a task to play Football and are divided in two times. The shooter and the goalie are hanged on harness and others had to help place balls. Vishal's team won this task with 11 goals!

    Football Shootball in Bigg Boss House
  • The day ends with Vishal and Sana trying to clear the air with explanations. Vishal felt that Sana has been behaving rude with ehr and he tries to clear the matter but Sana was adamant that it is Vishal who has been ignoring her. Lost love?

    And the day ends...

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