Nautanki Gags of the Week #2

 February 12th, 2013

  • This week we witnessed some hilarious acts, with Badman Gulshan Grover making an entry to Ravi Kissan impressing girls with his Bhojpuri moves. But the punch line of the weekend was definitely Nautanki Imam forcing his co-actors to Chalo London! Here’s a list of the top five jokes of this week that seriously made us laugh our guts out.

  • In the Saturday episode, Badman of Bollywood, Gulshan Grover made an entry and everyone got some heavy dose of comedy. In true villain style, he was seen flirting with leading ladies Urvashi and Kamya and his best moment was when he said to Urvashi, “Itni khubsurat cheez ko bhagwan ke liye chhodh doon, toh main kya Prasad khau?” Watch Badman in full form right here!

  • Badman had many such rib-tickling moments but one got to see his true villainous color when he said, “Jo maine kehe diya woh dialogue, jo kar diya woh acting!” Watch Badman Gulshan Grover deliver a power-packed performance in this video.

  • Even Ravi Kissan was seen delivering punch lines one after the other but when Ghuggi made fun of his antics, Ravi Kissan got down to his desi style and both Ghuggi and him had a funny Bhojpuri-Punjabi verbal spat! Catch all the fun here.

  • Next episode, we watched Imam repeating his Bigg Boss performance and doing Time Out to one and all. The funniest part was when Gabbar Singh and Samba kidnapped Imam and demanded money in return from Bigg Boss. While Imam thought Bigg Boss would readily free him, the latter refused to pay any amount for him and asked Gabbar and Samba to keep Imam with them! Watch as Imam gets rejected by his mentor.

  • From Rashmi to Kamya, all were made to dance by Gabbar and Samba. While both sisters were seen fighting on who will dance, even the kidnapped Imam jumped in to do his famous Natraj dance. Watch this entire sequence right here.

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