Nautanki: Gags of the Week #1

 February 4th, 2013

  • The first weekend of Colors new show, Nautanki – The Comedy Theatre, saw some hilarious acts and had its fun moments. Special appearances by Jeetendra, Ayushmann Khurana and Kunal Kapoor, who came in to promote their movie Nautanki Saala, Raju Shrivastava and Urvashi Dholakia added more guffaws on the whole and together with our actors they presented Nauntaki at its best! Here’s a look at the top five funny moments from the show.

  • First act introduced Sumeet Raghavan as Inspector Pandey, who in a very Dabangg style tried to impress his wife Kamya Punjabi. Together they cracked some double entendre jokes but the one that stayed in our rather dirty minds was when Kamya said, “Yeh aaj kal har kaam karne ke liye mujhse paise lete hai, kal raat ko hi mujhe inko 50 rupaye dene pade!” Watch this funny moment right here!

  • Pinky, played by Rashmi Desai, is introduced as Kamya’s sister and is shown giving an audition to Rajesh Kumar who plays a producer ready to offer her more than a role. When Pinky enquires about the hero, Rajesh takes his own name causing her to cringe. She comments on his age and at this point they do a complete dig at the older generation of film stars and a certain King Khan! Watch the complete joke right here. 

  • In the act, Pinky was caught with Rajesh in the car by Inspector Pandey and he got a shock of his life when the producer revealed the plans of his movie in which Pinky was to be the lead. After proving his credentials of having made Pagal – The Mad, Jungle – The Forest, Titanic – The Boat and Vaasna – the Lust he now plans to make Behen de Sisters with Pinky and Kamya! Watch Inspector Pandey’s reaction right here! 

  • Episode no.2 took potshots at the jinxed fisher and his drowning business. Rajesh as Mr.Kallya was on the lookout for cheap models for his photo shoot and managed to catch hold of Pinky. She along with the photographer Kaskekar made fun of Kallya’s financial condition but the funniest was when payment was discussed and Pinky commented, “Sir, maine suna hai aap toh apni airhostesses ko bhi paise nahi dete, mujhe is shoot ke kaise doge?” To which Kallya replied, “Main unhe paise nahi job deta hoon, meri ipl match mein wo hi log dance karte hai!” Watch this sequence right here! 

  • Kallya gifts an airplane to Pinky and her sister but sadly it puts them under too much debt and they end up working as airhostesses in their own plane. Many guest appearances take place in this sequence, especially of Ayushmann and Kunal who come in as pilots. But when Raju Shrivastava enters the scene it antes up the comedy meter and in his total Gajodhar style, Raju takes charge of the plane and challenges to take off the plane without pilots’ help. With his usual one-liners, Raju gave out the punchline and said, “Agar Tusshar waha baith ke yeh comedy theatre chala sakte hai toh yeh plane toh hum pakka udaa sakte hai!” Watch Raju Shrivastava in his Gajodhar style right here!

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