Nanhi and Megha's near-misses with Mohan

 February 2nd, 2013

  • Mohan, Megha and Nanhi have had a common past and a common sorrow for 12 years. And with Mohan back in Indore, their paths are bound to cross. But even then, they have had more misses than hits when it comes to meeting each other. Let us refresh your memory. 

  • The first near-encounter happened when Mohan and Megha were not even in the same place. Megha visited the police station in Indore to enquire about Addu's whereabouts. At the same time, Mohan called the inspector from Bhopal, asking about the same thing. Megha was just a few feet away from Mohan's voice...

  • You might remember this scene where Nanhi barged into the washroom to demand a job from Anupama, who was busy on her phone. And who was she talking to? Mohan Bhatnagar. And to add to the co-incidence, Nanhi got the job only after Anupama heeded Mohan's advice. 

  • Megha and Mohan's fate brought them back to Indore station at the same time when Mohan came to Indore and Megha was there to pick Jiji up. But despite being at the same place, they didn't spot each other. Yes, both of them did sense each other's presence, but moved away before their suspicions could be confirmed.

  • In Nanhi and Mohan's case, it was their profession that brought them together. Mohan saw Nanhi for the first time at Raghu's place, where both of them had gone to investigate the case of the missing boy. Mohan didn't know that she was Nanhi, and Nanhi, moved by Raghu's story, failed to notice Mohan.

  • Nanhi and Mohan came face to face again, well not literally, outside Awaaz India's office. Nanhi had an accident with Beera, and while the firebrand Nanhi was busy fighting, Mohan picked up her scooter and left, before Nanhi could even say thank you!

  • This near-encounter between Mohan and Megha was a tear-jerker. Mohan'd driver took a shortcut which brought Mohan straight to Juna Mohalla. Mohan reminisced about old times, unaware that Megha was right there. Megha too, felt that familiar presence but missed seeing Mohan by a heartbeat.

  • After Nanhi, it was Megha's turn to get a job because of Mohan. Megha applied for a job as kathak teacher at the same school that Mohan enrolled Rimjhim at. And after Mohan's insistence on a kathak teacher, Megha got the job. Even at the school, they walked side by side, lost in their thoughts, with only a glass partition separating them. 

  • As Awaaz India's star reporter, Nanhi went to meet Mohan to follow-up on Raghu's story. Mohan, obviously didn't recognize the grown up Nanhi. And Nanhi, unaware that Mohan was her Editor-in-Chief, didn't see him. That is, until she heard his voice.

  • Mohan made his way back to Juna Mohalla to relive old times. At the same time, Megha was trying her best to forget what happened between her and Mohan. Later, when Mohan playfully threw a paper plane at some kids, it landed on Megha's window, bringing a smile to her face.

  • After a series of close calls, Mohan and Nanhi finally met each other, albeit as Editor-in-Chief and reporter. It was not a pleasant meeting either, with Mohan yelling at her for her sting operation on the step-father.. Mohan has now met his Chawanni. Now it remains to be seen when Mohan and Megha come face to face. 

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