Na Bole Tum-2: 12 years, 12 changes

 January 21st, 2013

  • Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha began its second innings a week ago, and till now, it’s managed to keep our interest alive and then some. But the second season looks strikingly different from the first, though thankfully with the same feel. We tell you how…

  • The biggest and most heartbreaking difference is that Mohan and Megha are not together 12 years after they got married. Megha lives in Indore with Nanhi, Jiji and Renu while Mohan lives in Bhopal.

  • Though Mohan and Megha came close to each other while working for the publication Prabhat Leher, they no longer work there. Megha has taken up teaching Kathak to little girls, while Mohan has given up journalism completely, choosing to focus on his NGO, NAM Foundation.

  • Mohan and Megha’s financial conditions too, have changed drastically. While Mohan now lives a luxurious life with his spacious house in Bhopal, Megha has to earn a living by being a dance teacher. Nanhi, of course, pools in with her salary whenever she can.

  • One big change in Mohan’s life is the presence of his daughter Rimjhim. We know that Mohan adopted Rimjhim, who he lovingly calls Jaan, after he rescued her as a baby. This pint-sized package of mischief is the centre of his universe, and he can do anything for her, including wearing ghungroos and dancing with her!

  • On the other hand, Nanhi, who loved Mohan as a father and a friend, now hates him vehemently. She has grown up to become a journalist like her Spiderman, but blames him for Addu’s disappearance and has vowed never to forgive him.

  • Yes, Addu, who had reconciled with Mohan last time around is missing for the last 12 years and all efforts to search for him have been in vain. Megha and Nanhi blame Mohan for Addu’s disappearance, and this is the reason for Mohan’s separation from his family. 

  • The whole story hasn’t been revealed yet, but we know that Addu disappeared from Indore railway station 12 years ago. After Megha’s accident in Season-1, Addu and Mohan had patched up their differences. But in Season-2, it was shown that Addu was convinced that Mohan, his stepfather, hates him. We wonder what caused Addu to feel this way.

  • 12 years down the line, Mohan now lives in Bhopal with Guru and Rimjhim. Guru, too, has changed in all these years. Apart from graduating to trousers from shorts, he has matured and is now resentful of Megha for causing so much hurt to his friend Mohan. 

  • Megha, who was in the happiest phase of her life after marrying Mohan, is now more subdued than before. She claims to have forgotten Mohan, and insists that Nanhi does the same. 

  • Bela Jiji, Megha’s support system since the beginning, has also aged in the last 12 years. But she still continues to defend Megha and is the eldest in the Vyas family in the absence of Vedkant and Saroj Vyas. 

  • One person who has gone from bad to worse in the last 12 years is Renu, who has become more haughty and vicious with time. She is now looking for a bride for her son Tanu, and in her spare time, taunts Megha and Nanhi about Mohan deserting them.

  • Tanu, Renu and Sanjay’s son, has now grown up and become Nanhi’s confidant. He is still no good at earning a living, but is the perfect partner for all of Nanhi’s adventurous sting operations.

  • With so much having changed since Season-1, the only constant is that Mohan still loves his family, and wants to bring Addu and their happiness back to them. Will he be successful? We’ll have to wait and watch. 

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