Megha gets an ultimatum: Na Bole Tum Episode 180

 September 13th, 2012

  • At Vyas house, after knowing about Riddhima,  Vedkant gives an ultimatum to Megha that she should either choose between her family or her love for Mohan. 

  • Megha and Mohan are shocked to hear Vedkant say that their marriage is not legal and Mohan's house is not Megha's house. Vedkant asks Megha if she wants to stay with her family or someone who cheated her. 

  • Renu encourages Megha to make her choice and choose the Vyas family over Mohan and that she didn't believe Mohan since the beginning. 

  • Megha goes up to Vedkant, touches his feet and says that family is the most important thing in anyone's life. Renu and the rest are happy that Megha has chosen family and not Mohan.

  • Mohan turns to leave when he thinks that Megha has chosen her family. But Megha continues and tells everyone that Mohan loves her very much. And more than that, she loves Mohan so she can't leave him. Mohan is shocked at Megha's words.

  • Vedkant is shattered at Megha's decision and says that losing a daughter is more painful than losing a son. Mohan runs up to him and tries pacifying him. He asks Megha to tell Vedkant that she has taken this decision emotionally and that she doesn't mean anything. But Megha stays silent.

  • Nanhi and Addu come in and ask if something is wrong. Everyone puts on a normal face and Jiji tells them that they will be staying with the Vyas family for a while. Addu says that he wants to stay with his mother but Saroj disagrees and takes them away.

  • Mohan asks Megha why she took that decision. Megha replies that she has faith that if her love is true, she will get back her kids and her family. She holds Mohan's hand and leads him to their place. Mohan is reminded of the pheras at their wedding.  

  • Riddhima is back at her house, and her father is angry at her for troubling Mohan and Megha after Mohan had helped them so much. Riddhima replies that Mohan will be hers and that she will win in this fight against Megha.

  • Mohan and Megha consult their lawyer friend, who tells them that Riddhima has the advantage in this case. But he advises Mohan to talk to her and get some proof that she cheated him into marrying him.

  • Megha is standing in the balcony when it suddenly starts raining. Mohan comes there with an umbrella and asks her if she regrets marrying him. Megha tells him that she can't stay angry with him for long and that even if he is a little weird, he is hers. Mohan smiles and suddenly spots Nanhi in Vyas house.

  • Nanhi looks at both of them and gestures that they will be together again soon. Seeing this, Megha has tears in her eyes and rushes back hime. Nanhi blows Mohan a kiss.

  • Mohan comes in and finds Megha crying. Megha tells Mohan that if she considers Nanhi and Addu his children too, he should sort out Riddhima's matter soon so that they can be together. Mohan promises her that he will.

  • Just then, Mohan's phone rings and he sees that Riddhima is calling him. He wants to cancel the call but Megha tells him that he can't keep running away from her and that Mohan will have to face her.

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