Meet the 'Sanskaari' Vaishnav family

 January 15th, 2013


    By now, you must have already seen the Vaishnav family preparing for their ‘laadla beta’ Jai Kishan’s journey to the US. So let us introduce you to this warm, simple, close-knit Gujarati family from Sanskaar-Dharohar Apnon Ki.


    Sanskaar family 1
  • Ansu Baa (Aruna Irani)

    She is the matriarch of the family who is the decision maker and holds a powerful position in the family. She makes sure the rituals and customs of the typical Gujarati family are strictly abided by the family members. Strict but loving, she wants her family to be together forever.

    Sanskaar family 2
  • Parul (Sonali Sachdev)

    Parul is the eldest bahu of Ansu baa who considers the happiness of her family more important than anything else in the world. She is soft spoken but yet assertive and knows how to command respect through love. She loves her son Jai and is very possessive about him. 

    Sanskaar family 3
  • Karsan Das (Rasik Dave)

    Karsan is the eldest son of the Vaishnav family and Jai’s father. He is caring, optimistic and compassionate. He values family and relations much more than money and hence is trusted by all. His humbleness and kindness is mistaken to be as his weakness by many.

    Jaikishan with his family
  • Jai Kishan (Jay Soni)

    Jai Kishan is a young Indian man born and brought up in a small village of Gujarat named Keshavgarh. A textile engineer, Jai Kishan, on account of his excellent academics has offers from all around the world but he wants to join the family textile business. He has to leave his family to live abroad in order to fulfill his grandmother’s wishes, but his traditions give him the strength to face the challenges that a foreign land brings.


    Sanskaar family 4

    Ramila Chachi (Supriya Shukla)

    Ramila is Jai’s aunt and she and her husband Hasmukh have two sons Dilip and Ankit. Intelligence is definitely not one of her strengths and as a result she can be easily fooled by people. She tends to pass on every responsibility to the others and gets irritated if someone finds fault with herself, her husband and her family. 


    Sanskaar family 5

    Dilip (Karthik Soni)

    The elder son of Hasmukh and Ramila, Dilip believes in the principles and sanskaar taught by Ansu baa and Parul. He is straightforward, intelligent and is a man of integrity. He understands the strength of a joint family and for him, unethical deeds and lies have no justifications. He’s seen here with Jai and the youngest daughter of the Vaishnav family. 


    Sanskaar family 6
  • Vaishnav family

    And here’s the entire Vaishnav family, with Ansu Baa and her entire brood of sons, daughter, bahus and even a son-in-law Mayank (played by Krunal Pandit). And with them are the younger Vaishnavs-Dilip, Jai and his sister. Now we think it’s a pity that Jai has to leave all of these loving family members and go to the US!

    Sanskaar family 7

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