Meet the Anchors of IGT!

 September 20th, 2012

  • No, do not get confused. This is not Jhalak.  Looks like Colors liked Manish so much that he has now been roped in to host India's Got Talent too. Hmmm...Manish has a lot of talent.

  •  Here's introducing Manish's counterpart, Cyrus Sahukar.  Known for his funny antics, Cyrus promises to tickle our ribs this season of India's Got Talent

  •  India's Got Talent and so do our anchors! Here's Cyrus trying his hands and legs with a group of dancers from Guwahati.

  • As they say, 'jaisa des waisa bhes'. Cyrus seems to be in full gear as the two scout around in Pali looking for India's top talented people.

  • Aww! Manish look like a lost Kashmir ki Kali in this picture. 

  • A camel ride for two? Manish definitely seems to be enjoying it.

  • Manish is ready for the battle, are you?

  • Attention! India's Got Talent coming to your TV screen on 22nd September. Be prepared to get your mind blown! Any questions?

  •  Manish and Cyrus are definitely up for the challenge as they bring to you the best of  talents from around the country. Get ready!

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